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Category: Arcade
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The developer of BYTEPATH has shared some sales data including how Linux sales went

BYTEPATH, a retro arcade shooter with a skill-tree inspired by Path of Exile has now been out for a whole year, so the developer has shared some details on how it went.

Devil Engine, a seriously good looking shoot 'em up is coming to Linux

I spoke to the developer of Devil Engine, a brand new shoot 'em up that looks ridiculously good and they confirmed to me it's coming to Linux.

JUMPGRID is a fantastic 2D dodge-em-up that will give your fingers a workout

Did you enjoy Super Hexagon? JUMPGRID is a brand new dodge-em-up with simple and addictive gameplay.

BulletRage might just be the most over the top twin-stick shooter I've ever played

BulletRage, releasing later this year is a twin-stick shooter from Chimera One Games that promises non-stop action and I've had a play with a preview build.

In Thrusty Ship your main enemy is yourself and your throttle finger

Thrusty Ship takes the basic gameplay of classics like Lunar Lander (and many others) with you fighting against gravity and turns it into a challenging and fun battle against your fuel gauge.

Free public Itch alpha of space shooter Gravity Ace is up for grabs

If you would cry happy tears at the thought of a modern successor to 80s games like Thrust and Gravitar, then brace yourself for a river. Developer John Watson is making that dream a reality with his first commercial release, Gravity Ace. And you can try it for free!

Abstract Hell is like a twin-stick shooter Pac-Man and it's a lot of fun

Abstract Hell from developer Nathan Best released recently with Linux support and it's really quite good.

SOMOS is an arcade game with simple visuals and a simple idea, executed extremely well

SOMOS might not look like much with the simplistic visual style, however, it's the gameplay that hooks you in this arcade-action game.

Russian Subway Dogs released for Linux with a major content update and it's quite amusing

From the creator of They Bleed Pixels, Russian Subway Dogs is an arcade action game inspired by the real life stray dogs of the Moscow metro and it's now on Linux.

StarCrossed, an action arcade game with a magical girl aesthetic will have Linux support

For those of you who like your more casual action-arcade type games StarCrossed does look pretty sweet.

Pig Eat Ball has you quite literally barf your way through the game, it's completely insane

Pig Eat Ball from Mommy's Best Games is frankly one of the most utterly bonkers games I think I've ever played.

Pig Eat Ball is one of the weirdest games I've seen for a while, releasing with Linux support this month

I've seen a lot of games in my time, yet developers somehow still find ways to surprised me. Pig Eat Ball looks totally weird, but also quite fun.

Subsideria aims to modernise classic space shooters, releasing with Linux support on August 24th

Are you a fan of arcade space shooters? Subsideria might be your cup as the developer said their aim is to put a modern spin on it with boss battles, different game modes and so on.

The shoot 'em up 'Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo' is now available on Linux

Super Galaxy Squadron EX Turbo is probably one of the most insane shoot 'em ups I've ever played and it's now on Linux.

Local multiplayer shooter 'Hyper Ultra Astronautics' is now in beta

Hyper Ultra Astronautics from FRACTiLE Games is a local multiplayer space shooter for 1-16 players and it's now in Beta.
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