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Category: City Builder
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Atmocity, a city builder where gravity doesn't matter will have Linux support

Always happy to see more varied city builders come to Linux. Atmocity sounds unique, if a bit odd. The developer says you will be able to build without gravity restricting you.

Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion and Gagarin free update have released, working well on Linux

Haemimont Games along with Paradox Interactive have released the Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion today and it's great.

Atomic Society, a post-apocalyptic city building strategy game will come to Linux

Atomic Society recently entered Early Access on Steam and the developer Far Road Games said it will be coming to Linux.

Odd Realm is a sandbox settlement builder inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld with Linux support

Inspired by the likes of Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld, Odd Realm is a sandbox settlement builder currently in Early Access on itch.

Road to your city, a city-builder that requires you to make people mad about Football

Road to your city is certainly not what I expected when I first saw it. A city-builder where you make your own Football team and deal with all the issues that comes with it.

City builder 'Kingdoms and Castles' updated with Wolves, Witches and more

Kingdoms and Castles, the rather good strategy game about building up a medieval kingdom continues to evolve. This latest update adds in some fun sounding new content.

A Linux version of 'The Colonists', a settlement building game should be due in a post-release update

Good news for those who love their building games, as settlement building game The Colonists looks fantastic and the developer has confirmed their plans for Linux support.

Cities: Skylines - Industries DLC is out now along with a small free update for everyone

Paradox and Colossal Order have put out the Cities: Skylines - Industries DLC along with a free update today.

Sci-fi colony building sim RimWorld is out in full now and it's awesome

RimWorld, the sci-fi colony building sim that will suck away days and nights of your time has officially left Early Access today.

RimWorld 1.0 is going to release on October 17th next week

RimWorld, the awesome and engrossing sci-fi colony building sim is finally going to leave Early Access on October 17th next week.

Surviving Mars has released its “Sagan” update, adds a few new interesting features

If you've been looking for an excuse to colonize the Red Planet again, these latest changes to the strategy title adds challenges and some quality-of-life improvements.

Village building god sim 'Rise to Ruins' had an absolutely massive update

Rise to Ruins, a village builder that mixes in some god sim fun just went through a bit of an evolution with the latest patch, which really is absolutely massive.

Your city can now be prettier in the latest Kingdoms and Castles update

Kingdoms and Castles is a game about building a city and defending it from invaders and dragons, the latest "Beautification Update" update expands your building options even more.

The Universim is now officially available in Early Access on Steam

The Universim from developer Crytivo just entered Early Access today and as promised it does include the Linux build.

Colony building sim RimWorld just had a huge 'Polish the Cannons' update

The excellent colony building sim RimWorld was updated today with the Polish the Cannons update adding in plenty of new content ahead of a final release.
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