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Category: City Builder
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Time for school as the big Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion is out now

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have put school back on the map, as the Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion is out now.

Time for school, Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion announced to release this month

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have today announced you need more education, just kidding, the Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion was announced.

After a recent big update, Rise to Ruins breaks its own single-day sales record

Seems the indie gaming scene in some circles on Steam is alive and well, as Rise to Ruins has broken its own single day sales record and it had a huge update recently.

After failing Kickstarter funding, the Football-focused city builder Road to your City is now on Steam

Road to your City is a city builder but it's not the usual kind, with a focus on building up a Football team to go along with your city it's pretty interesting to play.

Tropico 6 releases today with Linux support from Limbic Entertainment and Kalypso Media

El Presidente returns for one more try at building a prosperous city on the island state of Tropico, as expected the release comes with official Linux support.

Cities: Skylines is another game having a free weekend on Steam right now

If XCOM 2 having a free weekend isn't your thing or the Tacoma giveaway on Humble Store then perhaps Cities: Skylines will be for you.

Cities: Skylines turns four years old, has some impressive stats

Cities: Skylines, probably the best city-builder available on Linux has turned four years old and Paradox have released some impressive stats on it.

Football-focused city-builder 'Road to your City' failed on Kickstarter, looks like it's going to Early Access

I'm quite sad about this one, Road to your City looked like an interesting city-builder that was switching things up nicely with a focus on building up a Football (Soccer) team but it's failed the Kickstarter challenge.

Rise to Ruins, the godlike village sim is leaving Early Access this year, big update out and Linux sales info

Rise to Ruins, one of my favourite indie games that mixes in a city-builder with tower defense and god-like interactions with powers has a big update out. Also, it's going to finally leave Early Access later this year.

Road to your City, the sporty-themed city-builder is now on Kickstarter with a demo

After releasing a demo before it went live, Road to your City can now be supported on Kickstarter to get another interesting game on Linux.

The developer of 'Rise to Ruins' is doing so well, they're paying back supporters

Here's a rather nice tale to warm you up on a Monday. The developer behind Rise to Ruins has closed their Patreon account as they're doing so well, they're even paying back supporters.

Depraved, a survival city-builder with a 'Wild West' theme now has Linux support

Here's a recent arrival I seemed to miss somehow. Depraved from developer Evil Bite, a city-builder with survival features and a 'Wild West' theme is now on Linux.

The sporty city-builder 'Road to your City' has a demo out ahead of the Kickstarter

Here's a good sign for their Linux support, Road to your City, a city-builder with a focus on Football (Soccer to some of you) has a demo up.

King under the Mountain, a settlement-building strategy game now has an alpha up on

After a mildly successful Kickstarter, King under the Mountain, a fantasy settlement-building strategy game now has an alpha available on

Kingdoms and Castles had another wonderful update to expand the city builder recently

While this Kingdoms and Castles update isn't the one to include rival kingdoms (it's coming), it does lay-out some of the groundwork towards that.
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