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Category: City Builder
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Business sim city-builder "Summer Islands" recently added Linux support

Inspired by the classic game Holiday Island, Summer Islands recently entered Early Access and the developer has now added Linux support to it on Steam.

Alien invasions and disasters are in the latest update to the fun god-sim city-builder "The Universim"

The Universim continues to get more interesting as a god-game/city-builder hybrid with the latest update giving the possibility of an alien invasion.

MicroTown aims to be a relaxing village construction and management simulator and it's coming to Linux

Currently in development and heading towards an Early Access release, MicroTown looks pretty sweet with an aim to be relaxing while you build a village.

City-building strategy game 'Hearthlands' has a surprise update going 64bit only

Hearthlands, a medieval/fantasy city-building real time strategy game released officially back in 2017 just got a nice surprise update.

The Colonists is a city-builder that's worth your time with cute little robot workers

Now that the dust has settled with the Linux version of The Colonists out in the wild, I spent some time playing it and came away quite impressed by it.

Retro themed city-builder 'TheoTown' has now added Linux support

TheoTown, developed by blueflower is a city-builder with a retro style that looks to be inspired by the classic Sim City 2000 and it's now available on Steam for Linux.

Colourful city-builder 'ISLANDERS' has officially released for Linux and it's really lovely

I don't think I've hit the buy button on Steam that quickly in a while, as ISLANDERS, a colourful city-builder is now officially out for Linux.

Turn-based survival villager builder 'Seeds of Resilience' released

Seeds of Resilience has an interesting idea about survival, with you trying not to die on a deserted island and the full release is now available.

Humble Store have a nice City Builder sale going on this weekend

Just a quick tip before it's over, Humble Store are currently doing a sale with a City Builder theme and it includes some great Linux games.

God-game city-builder 'The Universim' continues to evolve with the latest update out now

The Universim, one god game I've taken a lot of pleasure in playing has a new update out further advancing the Modern Age.

Settlement building game The Colonists has officially released for Linux

Love building up a city and watching it all come to life? Good news for you then, as The Colonists has now been released for Linux.

Seeds of Resilience, a turn-based survival village builder releasing in full next month

Seeds of Resilience, a turn-based village building survival game from Subtle Games and Goblinz Studio is leaving Early Access on June 13th.

Time for school as the big Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion is out now

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have put school back on the map, as the Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion is out now.

Time for school, Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion announced to release this month

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have today announced you need more education, just kidding, the Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion was announced.

After a recent big update, Rise to Ruins breaks its own single-day sales record

Seems the indie gaming scene in some circles on Steam is alive and well, as Rise to Ruins has broken its own single day sales record and it had a huge update recently.
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