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Category: Crowdfunding
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Adventure game 'The Darkside Detective: Season 2' is on Kickstarter

Ready for more adventures? The Darkside Detective: Season 2 will follow on from the original and it's currently on Kickstarter.

Linux will get another fighting game with Super Combat Fighter currently on Kickstarter

One genre we certainly don't have enough in is fighting games, so I'm pleased to see that Super Combat Fighter will be released for Linux.

System Shock reboot to have a 'Retro Mode', also System Shock: Enhanced Edition 'soon' for Linux

Nightdive Studios have given their usual update on the System Shock reboot as well as a fresh hint of System Shock: Enhanced Edition for Linux.

Meeple Station, the cooperative space station builder is now on Kickstarter, Linux demo available

Vox Games have now launched the Kickstarter for Meeple Station, a cooperative space station builder that has a Linux demo available.

inXile will be 'all hands are on deck' to get the Linux version of The Bard's Tale IV out as soon as possible

The crowdfunded single-player, party-based role-playing game The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep from inXile Entertainment is due out soon, so they've given an update on what their plans are.

Colourful comedy adventure '3 Minutes to Midnight' planned to release for Linux

Scarecrow Studio have officially announced that their colourful comedy adventure 3 Minutes to Midnight with a trailer and it's coming to Linux.

Blood Nor Water, a narrative-driven strategy RPG is on Kickstarter promising Linux support

Blood Nor Water seems quite interesting, with it blending together RPG mechanics with a strategy game with the aim to be accessible without needing overwhelming fast-paced actions per minute like some.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night delayed again, this time until 2019

Not for the first time, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been delayed and will now launch in 2019.

Boyfriend Dungeon, an action-RPG dungeon crawler where the weapons transform into people is on Kickstarter

Boyfriend Dungeon from Kitfox Games (Moon Hunters) promises a rather unusual action-RPG dungeon crawler, one where your weapons actually transform into 'beautiful people' you can take out for a date.

Top-down 3D action-adventure game Sikanda gives you a shape-shifting weapon

Sikanda seems like a pretty interesting top-down action-adventure, one that gives you a shape-shifting weapon that takes inspiration from some well-known titles.

Time Traveling Raptors is a 16-bit inspired action-platformer where you're trying to fix the timeline

Time Traveling Raptors looks all kinds of nuts, an action-platformer where you're facing people as well as dinosaurs as you attempt to fix a broken timeline. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and planned for Linux.

An update on the Linux version of Twilight Struggle, four years after the Kickstarter

Way back in July of 2014, GMT Games partnered with Playdek and ran a successful Kickstarter for Twilight Struggle, a digital version of the board game that shares the same name. It promised Linux support, which still hasn't been delivered.

Build and manage a colony in Kubifaktorium, developed primarily on Linux and funding on Kickstarter

Kubifaktorium from developer Mirko Seithe (previously made BossConstructor) is a colony building and management sim that mixes in automation and transports systems like Factorio.

The Procession to Calvary is a point and click adventure made from Renaissance-era paintings

This looks all kinds of nuts. A point and click adventure game planned to release for Linux that's made from Renaissance-era paintings and public domain recordings of classical music.

One Zero Three, an adventure game set inside the mind is currently on Kickstarter

One Zero Three from Dystopia Interactive looks like a rather interesting short adventure puzzle game set inside the mind, currently seeking funds on Kickstarter.
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