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Category: Demo
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CHROMATOSE, an RPG and Visual Novel hybrid has been fully funded and heading to Linux

With a style inspired by the likes of Catherine and Persona 3, CHROMATOSE fuses together RPG and Visual Novel gameplay.

She Dreams Elsewhere, a surreal adventure RPG is releasing this year with Linux support

Ready to have a game mess with your mind? She Dreams Elsewhere is a rather surreal RPG that's coming to Linux and it has a demo available.

One Step From Eden, the deck-building action game now has a Linux demo and it's damn good

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign which included Linux support, One Step From Eden inspired by MegaMan Battle Network now has a Linux demo available.

Port Valley, a "not so classic" point & click adventure now has a Linux demo

From developer WrongPixel, Port Valley is an in development point & click adventure that's "not so" classic apparently.

In the puzzle game Flux Caves you will be pushing around blocks to play with large marbles

If you like puzzle games and marbles today is your lucky day as I came across Flux Caves, which merges them into one game.

In the shoot 'em up ProtoCorgi, you're a cybernetic pup on a mission to save your owner

Don't let the cute looks of it fool you, ProtoCorgi made with the free and open source Godot Engine is going to be a shoot 'em up to keep an eye on.

Lord Winklebottom Investigates, a murder mystery point and click adventure on Kickstarter has a Linux demo

Think you have what it takes to solve a murder? The quirky point and click adventure Lord Winklebottom Investigates is on Kickstarter and it has a Linux demo.

Cold Hearts, a visual novel about dating household appliances is real and heading to Linux

This could win my "weirdest game of 2019" award quite easily, as Cold Hearts is a visual novel that seems to be about dating your refrigerator.

WarriOrb, a 2.5D action adventure platformer now has a long demo out with Linux support

WarriOrb certainly ticks a number of boxes, this 2.5D action adventure platformer has a gorgeous 3D environment and the developer recently put up a pretty long demo.

Escape room puzzle game 'Escape Legacy: Ancient Scrolls' lands Linux support

Escape Legacy: Ancient Scrolls from Storming Tech is an escape room puzzle game that landed Linux support back in December.

Barotrauma, a co-op submarine adventure set on Jupiter's moon Europa is promising, has a demo

For those after a more sci-fi take on the co-op submarine adventure, Barotrauma seems like it could be quite fun.

Aurora: The Lost Medallion, a sci-fi 2D point & click adventure has a demo out with Linux support

Aurora: The Lost Medallion from Greek developer Noema Games is a very promising sci-fi adventure that will be coming to Linux.

Office Management 101, a satirical office life simulation tycoon game has a demo and Linux support

Releasing sometime later this year, the satirical office life simulation tycoon game 'Office Management 101' currently has a demo you can try out on Linux.

Wand Wars, a fast-paced magical sports game supports Linux and had a big update recently

Here's a magical action game we somehow completely missed reporting on at all. Wand Wars, released back in 2016 and it's had Linux support since release. It's still getting fresh content years later too.

The peaceful building RPG 'Littlewood' now has a Linux demo, lots of stretch goals hit

Littlewood, a peaceful town-building RPG from developer Sean Young now has a Linux demo available. I've spent a few hours playing and it's really quite sweet.
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