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Category: Dungeon Crawler
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Magical action game 'Wizard of Legend' adds more end-game content with a Boss Rush mode and more

Wizard of Legend is a really great game, especially when you play it in local co-op I've had an absolutely blast. Now it's even better once you've finished the main wizard trials.

Sci-fi dungeon crawer 'Xenomarine' has left Early Access, surviving the infestation is hard

As someone who loves the film Aliens, a dark and atmospheric roguelike with a sci-fi horror theme is exactly what I need.

Legend of Shara, a full prequel expansion for Tangledeep is out and it's great

Legend of Shara is the first full expansion for the colourful roguelike RPG Tangledeep, it adds in a huge amount of content and it's worth a look.

Aeon of Sands - The Trail is a great dungeon crawler if you like the classics

Aeon of Sands - The Trail, a dungeon crawling RPG from Two Bits Kid arrived on Linux last month and I've now set aside some time to play with it. Here's what I thought of the experience.

First-person roguelike 'Barony' released the Myths & Outcasts DLC recently, also now on GOG

Barony is a game I hadn't honestly touched in a very long time, which all changed with the Myths & Outcasts DLC that released last month giving new ways to play. It's also now on GOG, so that's great.

Gloomhaven, the dungeon-crawling adaptation of the board game should see Linux support at release

Last year, we wrote a small bit on how the developer of Gloomhaven was keeping an eye on all the requests for Linux support. It seems they've taken notice.

Doomgeon, a fast-paced first-person dungeon crawler is up on with Linux support

After failing to get funding on Kickstarter, the fast-paced dungeon crawler 'Doomgeon' has gone to to continue development.

Aeon of Sands - The Trail, a unique dungeon crawling RPG is now on Linux

Aeon of Sands - The Trail is certainly attention-grabbing, with the retro look inspired by old dungeon crawlers mixed with some interesting story-telling where you create your own adventure.

The 3D steampunk dungeon crawler 'Vaporum' just had a huge performance update

I think Vaporum is a really great dungeon crawler, with good visuals and a rather interesting setting and it just keeps getting better.

The Linux version of 'The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep' to be released with the Director's Cut

inXile entertainment have provided an update on the Linux version of The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep, the good news is that it's still coming and it will release in June this year.

Robothorium, a sci-fi dungeon crawler has now officially left Early Access behind

Robothorium, a sci-fi dungeon crawler from Goblinz Studio has now officially released and it's a fun experience.

Skeletal Dance Party, the silly physics-based dungeon crawler with partying skeletons had a nice update

Catalope Games have put out a major update to Skeletal Dance Party, adding in some rather nice new features for their amusing physics-based dungeon crawler.

Rogue Empire, a dungeon-crawling RPG is leaving Early Access later this month with Linux support

Rogue Empire, a dungeon-crawling RPG from Portal Entertainment is ready to leave Early Access on January 25th.

Pangeon, a first-person dungeon crawler plans to have Linux support

If running around dimly lit dungeons, facing off against unspeakable horrors is your thing. Take a look at Pangeon which will have Linux support.

inXile Entertainment say they are still working on the Linux version of The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep from inXile Entertainment released for Windows in September after a successful Kickstarter, they say they're continuing to work on the Linux version.
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