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Category: Early Access
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Some early thoughts on 'Ancient Warfare 3', a sandbox battle game currently in Early Access

Ancient Warfare 3 from Jannik Nickel is a highly customizable sandbox game where you create your own battles, I took a look.

Wraithslayer looks like a pretty fun boss battle game, coming soon

Wraithslayer could be an interesting one, a back to basics 2D action boss battler that's releasing soon.

Barotrauma, a co-op submarine adventure set on Jupiter's moon Europa is promising, has a demo

For those after a more sci-fi take on the co-op submarine adventure, Barotrauma seems like it could be quite fun.

Beamdog have announced Axis & Allies Online, an official adaptation of the tabletop classic

Beamdog have just announced their latest game, Axis & Allies Online, an official adaptation of the tabletop classic and it's coming to Linux.

The ruthless in-development roguelike 'Jupiter Hell' is now on, fresh update out too

Jupiter Hell is shaping up to be one of the most fun roguelikes I've played in a long time, especially with the brutal Doom-inspired theme. It has a new update out and you can pick it up before the full release on now too.

City-building god game 'The Universim' has a huge new release out

Crytivo are pushing forward with The Universim in Early Access and this latest release is a pretty massive update for the city-building god game.

Geneshift, the 2D GTA-inspired Battle Royale has another update enabling more online modes for everyone

Sounds like Geneshift is going in a good direction, with the latest update now out for this 2D GTA-inspired Battle Royale game.

Super Versus, a multiplayer action superhero game is coming to Linux

Ever wanted to be a superhero? I'm sure it's a dream we've all had at some point in our lives. Super Versus, looks like it will let you do that.

Graywalkers: Purgatory, an upcoming supernatural post-apocalyptic turn-based strategy RPG

Graywalkers: Purgatory from developer Dreamlords Digital has me itching to try it out with a blending of turn-based XCOM-like combat with a supernatural post-apocalyptic theme.

Rise of Industry, the strategic tycoon game has come along tremendously and a new update is out

It's been a long time since I took a look at the Early Access strategic tycoon game Rise of Industry, what a better time to do so with a major update? Out now is Alpha 9, which adds in quite a lot.

Unique steampunk survival game Volcanoids has erupted into Early Access

If, like me, you grew tired of many survival games doing a lot of the same thing you will want to take a look at Volcanoids.

Estranged: Act II, the free first-person puzzle, exploration and combat game was tweaked recently

Estranged: Act II, the free game from Alan Edwardes that follows a fisherman, stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm had a recent update to tweak various issues.

Abandon Ship, the naval combat and adventure game is still heading to Linux

It's been quite some time since I checked on Abandon Ship, the naval combat and adventure game that hooked me in with the art inspired by old naval oil paintings.

The developer of AuroraRL, a 2D space exploration game has thrown in the towel

The difficulties of game development and Early Access have hit another developer, with Sun Dogs throwing in the towel with AuroraRL. It's not all bad news though.

FoxTail, the sweet in-development point and click adventure has a second chapter out now

For those who love their classic inspired point and click adventures, take a look at FoxTail which now has a whole second chapter available.
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