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Improve your typing to fight hordes of monsters in retro arcade game Type Knight

By scaine,
In Type Knight, you fight skeletons, bats, wraiths and more via the awesome power of your rapid (and hopefully accurate) typing.

The Humble Humongous Entertainment Bundle is up and a great deal if you have children

By Liam Dawe,
The Humble Humongous Entertainment Bundle just went live and honestly it's a fantastic deal if you have children with quite a few games included.

Little Mouse's Encyclopedia, a sweet journey about exploring nature is out with Linux support

By Liam Dawe,
For the parents reading, Little Mouse's Encyclopedia, an interactive encyclopedia that has you explore nature and learn while you have a bit of fun is out with Linux support.

Little Mouse's Encyclopedia, an interactive encyclopedia to enjoy with your kids will support Linux

By Liam Dawe,
Little Mouse's Encyclopedia is a new discovery from developer Circus Atos, this cute interactive encyclopedia looks like a fun experience for this with kids.

Language learning game Lingotopia is out, some thoughts

By Liam Dawe,
Language learning game Lingotopia from Lingo Ludo released with Linux support earlier this month, here's my thoughts.

Education game 'Build A World EDU' has Linux support

By Liam Dawe,
I had an interesting email recently notifying me about a new education game from the United Nations FAO and developer Build a World EDU (BAW).

Lingotopia, a language learning game about being lost in a city is fully funded, has a demo

By Liam Dawe,
Lingotopia looks pretty interesting, a language learning game about being lost in a city. It's on Kickstarter and it's fully funded with Linux support confirmed.

'Clouds & Sheep 2', throwing sheep around and keeping them happy, an amusing kids game

By Liam Dawe,
If you are after an amusing time-killer, or perhaps something to entertain the kids, you may want to check out 'Clouds & Sheep 2'.

'Discovering Colors - Animals', a cheap colouring game for kids

By Liam Dawe,
Discovering Colors - Animals is a cheap kids game about colouring and it recently gained a Linux version. As a parent, I'm really happy to see more kids games on Steam.

Do you have small children? If so, check "It's Spring Again", an educational indie game about the seasons

By -Daniel-Palacio-,
"It's Spring Again" is a extremely small educational game which aims to teach very young children about the different seasons. It was released on February 2 of this year, and so far the majority of Steam user reviews are positive. There is an online demo available.

GOL World Tour: Linux Gaming From Norway

By Segata Sanshiro,
This week the GOL world tour leaves Argentina and heads for Norway after a longer-than-expected visit due to the vast quantities of awesome steak and red wine. Norway has around 100 companies involved in the game industry.

GOL World Tour: Gaming From Argentina

By Segata Sanshiro,
The GOL World Tour will start in Argentina and stop off at different countries on a regular basis, looking at Linux developers and their games, throwing in a bit of culture and history too.

Influent Educational Language Game Out Now

By HadBabits,
Influent, a new vocabulary building language game has been released. I decided to purchase it myself to improve my Spanish vocabulary and so far I'd say mission accomplished!

Sharing Steam Games On Two Different Linux Distributions

By junktext,
Are you a Linux nerd, by that you use two different distros on your PC? If so, do you play games via Steam? If this is the case, I wrote a how-to that explains how you can save lots of storage space by sharing your games' data files across both distros! It's easy.

Platinum Arts Sandbox Easy To Use Game Maker Kickstarter And Steam Greenlight Projects

By Mike,
Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker is an easy to use Game Maker featuring in game and coop editing based on the Cube 2 Engine. Now Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Projects have been launched to greatly accelerate and increase the features in the engine.

DeCalc an interesting maths puzzle game

By Liam Dawe,
DeCalc is a puzzle game that makes math fun! It's like reversed calculator - you get a result and your job is to arrange the buttons so when pressed in given order, you get that result. Ther...
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