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Category: Exploration
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Surreal first person exploration game 0°N 0°W adds Linux support

Do you like your meditative exploration games? 0°N 0°W looks absolutely surreal and it added Linux support.

Solace Crafting seems interesting for those that love to explore and craft

Solace Crafting from Big Kitty Games is an open world fantasy survival RPG, with an aim to be as open as possible and let you basically do whatever you please.

The End of the Sun is a first-person adventure game inspired by Slavic mythology and legends

Up for some exploration? The End of the Sun could be something rather interesting although it's not releasing until next year.

Adventure and exploration platformer 'La-Mulana 2' is planned for Linux

If you enjoyed La-Mulana you will be pleased to know that the developer of La-Mulana 2 has confirmed a Linux version is planned, with no current ETA.

Vulpine is an action & exploration game involving animals armed to the teeth, coming to Linux

There's something amusing about seeing a Fox running on all fours, with a sword in their mouth. Vulpine will let you be that Fox and more.

Timespinner is an upcoming metroidvania that’s looking great and is fun to play

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign several years ago, this 2d metroidvania has grown and matured as a project. I had a chance to play a closed beta and things look promising.

Make Sail, the exploration and boat building adventure game is now in Early Access

Make Sail is a game about building boats and adventuring across different islands, it's now in Early Access and here's some initial thoughts.

Procedural co-op space sandbox 'Avorion' has a rather hefty combat update

For those of you who're huge space nerds like me, you will likely want to take a look at the space sandbox game Avorion, especially with the latest combat update.

Sandbox space exploration game 'Space Impossible' has a Linux test build that works well

I'm such a sucker when it comes to games involving space travel, exploration and building a ship. Turns out that Space Impossible has a Linux version on Steam.

Slime Rancher's big Mochi's Megabucks update is out, fixes Linux blackscreen issues

Slime Rancher, the game about running around sucking up cute (and some not so cute) slimes and running a farm is easily one of the sweetest games available on Linux and the Mochi's Megabucks update is rather good.

a Museum of Dubious Splendors, a strange free game that's half storybook and half exploration

Fancy exploring a peculiar Museum while reading short stories? a Museum of Dubious Splendors is a free game that has Linux support.

We Need To Go Deeper, a cooperative submarine exploration game adds Linux support

Not to be confused with Abyss Crew that we recently covered, We Need To Go Deeper is a cooperative submarine exploration game currently in Early Access and it just added Linux support.

Sunless Skies to officially leave Early Access in September, also now has gamepad support

Sunless Skies, the steampunk exploration RPG from Failbetter Games is to officially leave port in September.

Slime Rancher is another Unity game to have black screen problems on Linux, here's a temp fix

A while ago the Unity game engine sadly introduced a bug which has caused many games to either display a black screen or give no input, Slime Rancher is another I've discovered with it. Here's a temporary fix.

Abyss Crew, a co-op game of submarine exploration promises Linux support on Kickstarter

For those who like your co-op exploration, you might want to take a look at Abyss Crew that's currently on Kickstarter.
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