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Category: FPS
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Blacksite returns alongside Sirocco for the latest Danger Zone update in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's newer Battle Royale mode, Danger Zone, continues to be tweaked and the original map has made a return.

Sci-fi first-person shooter 'Interstellar Marines' continues to live on, with a big update out now

Interstellar Marines, a once promising sci-fi first-person shooter that slowly died is slowly making a comeback. Update 28 was released just recently, giving it an overhaul in a few places.

Deep Rock Galactic continues being some of the most fun I've had in a while, thanks to Steam Play

Deep Rock Galactic, a game about badass space Dwarves mining for goodies and one I've highlighted before continues to be awesome with Steam Play on Linux. It just had a rather sweet update too.

While there's no date for the Linux version of Insurgency: Sandstorm, NWI remain committed to do it

New World Interactive held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) earlier this week for Insurgency: Sandstorm and naturally there was a question about the upcoming Linux version which they answered.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive updated again - watch live events, Danger Zone updates and more

Valve seem to have a renewed focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lately, with a lot of regular updates. This latest one has some fun new toys.

The loot and shoot cyberspace FPS 'Black Ice' has some seriously fun loot in the latest beta

I love first-person shooters, it's easily my favourite genre next to traditional real-time strategy games (the kind where you build a base, then send out an army) and the cyberspace FPS Black Ice is continuing to be impressive.

Single-player FPS 'Ravenfield' now has deadlier AI, new vehicle styles and continues being amusing

Ravenfield continues to improve and it's a really promising single-player FPS experience especially with how many fun mods you can add in.

Nightdive Studio's latest revamp with Blood: Fresh Supply is coming to Linux

Fear not Linux gamers, you too will be getting in on the action as Blood: Fresh Supply is coming to Linux.

CS:GO Danger Zone gains new deployment perks in the latest update, damn it's fun

Valve continues to update Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Danger Zone, with the latest update adding in some of the teased deployment perks.

Black Mesa looks pretty incredible in the latest teasers, new roadmap shown

Black Mesa, the fan-made Early Access recreation of the original Half-Life is still progressing towards finishing the final content and it's looking damn good.

Destruction-heavy FPS 'Sector's Edge' is now confirmed to be releasing for Linux

Recently, I wrote an article pointing out that the voxel-based first person shooter Sector's Edge might come to Linux, well it's now confirmed.

CS:GO Danger Zone "Sirocco" major update released with new map, items, respawns, perks and more to come

Okay Valve, you have my attention, you've been busy I see. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Danger Zone, the Battle Royale style game mode just got a huge Sirocco update with more to come.

Sector's Edge, a fast-paced destructive voxel-based FPS may see Linux support

I do love a good bit of destruction and Sector's Edge looks quite interesting, the developer is also open to supporting Linux.

Retro-inspired bloody shooter 'Prodeus' fully funded and coming to Linux

This is awesome news for those who love their shooters, as Prodeus really does look awesome and it's been funded.

SIGIL, John Romero's free Doom megawad is due out next month after a delay shipping the fan boxes

If you're like me and you love first-person shooters you're likely excited to try out SIGIL, the free megawad from John Romero.
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