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Category: FPS
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The MMO tactical shooter Mavericks has a release delay, Linux support still coming

Mavericks is an incredibly promising sounding shooter with an interesting take on the Battle Royale-type games although it's having a delay in the release.

FPS game Ballistic Overkill's Bloodlust update is out

Ballistic Overkill, a cheap and quite decent online FPS game has released a new update named Bloodlust full of tweaks for their newer Rounds game mode.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is now officially available on Linux, more coming from Icculus

For those of you into the classics, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil has today been officially released for Linux.

The Great Geometric Multiverse Tour is a low-poly first-person shooter that's pretty weird

The Great Geometric Multiverse Tour is a first-person shooter for those times when you need something completely weird.

FPS games Tannenberg and Verdun have some improved netcode in the latest update

Lag is always an issue in games, but some games it's much worse than others. The developers behind the FPS games Tannenberg and Verdun have made some steps to improve this.

Natural Selection 2 update released, pushing towards a big new refresh

Natural Selection 2, the FPS with strategy elements has a fresh release out and they've published a roadmap towards a big 2.0 release.

Zombie Panic! Source is coming to Linux with the next version, beta soon

Along with a big update to improve weapon recoil, hitboxes and more, Zombie Panic! Source is getting Linux support.

Doom Slayer Chronicles is a new 'technologically advanced mappack for Doom 2'

One for those of you who enjoy your Doom mods, as Doom Slayer Chronicles just released giving you a chance to slay some demons wave after wave.

Indie FPS 'War Brokers' update released tweaking quite a lot of the game

War Brokers is an indie FPS that has many different game modes, including a Battle Royale mode. Their Linux support is in good shape and they've pushed out another good update.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now has a free edition to play with bots and GOTV spectating

If you still haven't picked up a copy of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can now try it out completely free to see how it performs.

MMO tactical shooter Mavericks still planned for Linux, will have a one thousand player Battle Royale

The developers of the exciting tactical shooter Mavericks have confirmed again that a Linux version will come.

The first-person shooter with a Battle Royale mode 'War Brokers' updated, input issues fixed on Linux

The more I play of War Brokers, the more I come to appreciate it. It has a number of different game modes along with a recently released Battle Royale mode that's actually quite fun.

Indie FPS 'War Brokers' adds a new Battle Royale mode, has Linux support

Are you itching to play some Battle Royale on Linux? Now is your chance as the indie FPS game War Brokers just added a Battle Royale mode.

Polygod is a fast-paced FPS with a weapon you constantly upgrade and it's now out

If you think you have good aim and fast reflexes, Polygod is probably a good FPS for you to check out with single-player, local co-op and online play.

The Communist Dogifesto, an open source first-person shooter has a big update

The Communist Dogifesto has quite an amusing setting, with Russian space dogs aboard a space station becoming really rather intelligent and taking it over. It's open source and it just had a rather big update.
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