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Category: Free Game
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Robocraft, the fun free customisable robot battler has a huge agility physics overhaul

Freejam have pushed a massive change to the way your robots feel in the latest update to the free to play robot battler Robocraft.

OpenRA has another test release out for those after their classic RTS experience

OpenRA, the fantastic project that lets you play classics like Red Alert and Dune 2000 has another test release out.

The Dark Mod, the free standalone inspired by Thief has a new release out

The Dark Mod is an excellent free standalone game inspired by the Thief series and they just recently put out a fresh release.

Super Versus, a multiplayer action superhero game is coming to Linux

Ever wanted to be a superhero? I'm sure it's a dream we've all had at some point in our lives. Super Versus, looks like it will let you do that.

Estranged: Act II, the free first-person puzzle, exploration and combat game was tweaked recently

Estranged: Act II, the free game from Alan Edwardes that follows a fisherman, stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm had a recent update to tweak various issues.

Allspace, a free to play first-person space combat game arrives on Steam in a rather basic form

While it's incredibly early days for Allspace, this free to play first-person space combat game could be interesting when it's a little less bare.

Get Deponia: The Complete Journey free in the Humble Winter Sale Encore

Humble are doing an encore of their Winter Sale and they're giving away another free game with Deponia: The Complete Journey. On top of that, if you spend at least $5 they give you a copy of Insurgency free too.

Team Fortress 2 update released to improve memory use on Linux, new charity event in May

Valve are keeping Team Fortress 2 alive for Linux gamers with the latest update making some welcome improvements. There's also going to be a TF2 charity event in May.

Paladins, the team-based shooter seems to work well with Steam Play

For those curious about Steam Play and wanting to test it out a little, the free to play fantasy team-based shooter Paladins seems to work rather nicely.

Age of Fear: The Free World, a free fantasy turn-based strategy game

For those in need of their next turn-based strategy game, the Age of Fear series now has a free entry for you to test the waters.

Dead Ascend, an open source point and click 2D adventure game

For those wanting to check out another open source game or perhaps see how they're made, Dead Ascend might be a fun choice for a little adventure.

The Beta of Zombie Panic! Source was updated recently, should work better on Linux

Zombie Panic! Source is currently going through an overhaul, as part of this it's coming to Linux with a version now in beta and the latest update should make it a better experience.

ET: Legacy, the open source continuation of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has a new release out

I have some pretty fond memories of playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory online with friends many years ago, so to see it still alive and kicking with ET: Legacy is awesome.

Hellshots Golf is basically Doom Golf and it's somewhat amusing

Always interested to see what silly (and sometimes amazing) things people do with Doom, enter Hellshots Golf.

SuperTuxKart 0.10 beta is out with online multiplayer and it's looking good

SuperTuxKart, the free and open source racing game has hit the beta stage with the 0.10 release that's now available.
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