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Retro Commander is a free-ish new RTS that brings on the nostalgia

By Liam Dawe,
Retro Commander from developer Noble Master is a free to play RTS that just landed on Steam in Early Access, and so far it seems to be pretty great and fills me up with nostalgia.

Controller support for Path of Exile leaving Beta, should work great on Steam Deck

By Liam Dawe,
Path of Exile, the free to play ARPG from Grinding Gear Games, is getting close to releasing the Sentinel update and along with masses of gameplay additions — controller support will leave Beta.

Free and popular precision-platformer 'Janosik' gets a big upgrade

By Liam Dawe,
Love some retro action-platformer to fill your time? Janosik quite a popular one, likely because it's free, and it just got a big upgrade.

Cytopia is a free and open source retro city-builder in development

By Liam Dawe,
Love city builders like the classic Sim City? You may want to keep a close eye on Cytopia, a free and open source retro pixel-art sim.

Classic Bethesda titles come to Steam, play them easily on Linux

By Liam Dawe,
With the Bethesda Launcher shutting down, they've begun the migration to Steam and now some of their classics have become available to download easily.

Claustrowordia, a fun free crossword-type game from Ludum Dare 50

By Liam Dawe,
The Game Jam Ludum Dare 50 is over and the overall winner appears to be Claustrowordia, and it turns out it actually is a great crossword-type game.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a sprawling FOSS apocalypse roguelike

By anewson,
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, CDDA for short, is a free and open source apocalypse-themed roguelike that is incredibly deep and a ton of fun to play.

Rocket Bot Royale is like a Worms styled Battle Royale with jumping tanks

By Liam Dawe,
Rocket Bot Royale is a brand new release from developer Winterpixel Games that seems to be what you get if you took Worms, turned it into a Battle Royale and turned everyone into a tank.

Open source evolution sim Thrive goes Multicellular in the latest update

By Liam Dawe,
The Multicellular evolution has begun, for the open source game Thrive that is. Currently in Early Access, it continues to show off an impressive design.

Get a free copy of Iris and the Giant from GOG in their Indie Spring Sale

By Liam Dawe,
Love free games and discounts? GOG have a free copy of Iris and the Giant for keeps and you can save during their new Indie Spring Sale.

Splitgate is getting a new matchmaking system that won't suck

By Liam Dawe,
Splitgate is actually a pretty great online FPS but it has a major problem with its matchmaking system, so it's getting a rewrite to suck less.

Online platformer DDraceNetwork gets Vulkan support

By Liam Dawe,
DDraceNetwork, a free and open source online co-op platformer now has Vulkan API integrated as of the latest update.

The Dota 2 'Spring Cleaning' update for 2022 makes muting and reporting easier

By Liam Dawe,
Dota 2 has a very lively community, and sadly often you will come across some attitudes that just aren't friendly and now Valve has made it simpler to deal with them in-game.

FreeRCT sees a first release trying to capture the feel of RollerCoaster Tycoon

By Liam Dawe,
While there is the popular OpenRCT2 for an open-source re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, it does rely on the original data files, and so the FreeRCT project aims to be a completely free and open source inspired game.

Home Wind is a free minimalist, relaxing and cozy city builder

By Liam Dawe,
Home Wind released into Early Access recently as a free city-builder, although not really like many others as it takes a much more relaxed approach.

Arena-survival FPS Cathedral 3-D is now free to play

By Liam Dawe,
Want to try out a retro-styled arena survival FPS? Cathedral 3-D is now free to play so you've got nothing to lose.

Thoroughly odd sounding free adventure Mondealy: Day One arrives on Linux

By Liam Dawe,
Mondealy: Day One from developer uglycoal seems pretty quirky and it's also free, although something of a prologue / demo for an upcoming bigger game.

Fan game Sonic Robo Blast 2 gets a new tutorial, various improvements

By Liam Dawe,
Are you a Sonic fan and love checking out fan games? What about a 3D game made with the Doom Legacy port of Doom?

Bungie has more to say on Destiny 2 for Steam Deck and it's still a no

By Liam Dawe,
Recently, I highlighted that Bungie gave a very clear no to Destiny 2 on Steam Deck. Seems a lot of people noticed and Bungie has issued an update — but it's still a no for now.

Free stealth game The Dark Mod v2.10 is a HUGE upgrade

By Liam Dawe,
Inspired by the Thief series, The Dark Mod is a brilliant free and open source game and game engine for people to make various levels with. The Dark Mod version 2.10 is out now and it's BIG.
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