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So, I played... Pyre

By Samsai,
Pyre is the third game from Supergiant Games, the developers that previously released Bastion and Transistor, both games that were well-received and I personally would rate them as some of the best games I’ve played. Let’s see how Pyre compares, shall we?

So, I played… Undertale

By Samsai,
My last April Fools’ left some people quite disappointed, so how about we do this for reals this time? Get determined because this is my Undertale experience.


By Liam Dawe,
FORCED SHOWDOWN is essentially an arena shooter with a card-based upgrade system that promises some frantic gameplay, but is it any good? I tried to find out.

GOL Cast: Revisiting the trenches of Verdun

By Samsai,
It’s been some time since I shared my thoughts about Verdun and I’ve heard the game has changed in a positive way since then, so let’s check out how this WW1 multiplayer shooter does!

GOL Cast: Growing space potatoes in Sol 0: Mars Colonization

By Samsai,
This time around I am taking a look at a game I picked up some time ago for a Friday Livestream simply because it was cheap. So, let's go to Mars in Sol 0: Mars Colonization!

GOL Cast: Killing mushrooms and spiders in Sproggiwood

By Samsai,
Roguelikes have a tendency to be really complex games with tons of depth and thick user manuals. Sproggiwood is a game that tries to do away with the complexity but still offer an enjoyable roguelike experience. Let's check it out!

GOL Cast: Surviving the harsh winter conditions in The Long Dark

By Samsai,
In a very surprising turn of events it appears that winter has arrived in Finland and I think that calls for a very specific type of a game. Enter The Long Dark, a survival game set in the cold, dark forests of Canada.

GOL Cast: Wandering Around Morrowind in OpenMW

By Samsai,
You might have heard about OpenMW, the open source reimplementation of the Morrowind engine which, naturally, allows you to play Morrowind on Linux. Let's test it!

GOL Cast: Saving Ancardia from Evil in Ancient Domains of Mystery

By Samsai,
There are lots of so called roguelites on Steam but recently a real roguelike classic called ADOM, or Ancient Domains of Mystery, made its way to Steam. Let's go check it out!

GOL Cast: Destroying Frakloads Of Toasters In Diaspora: Shattered Armistice

By Samsai,
Ever wanted to fly a high-speed interceptor in a big dogfight against a superior enemy force like in Battlestar Galactica? Well, it's possible thanks to Diaspora: Shattered Armistice! Let's go kill some toasters!

GOL Cast: Dominating Scoreboards In Polychromatic

By Samsai,
After a pretty long hiatus related to my school work, I have finally returned to reclaim the GOL Cast throne. This time we'll be taking a look at Polychromatic, a recently released indie twin-stick shooter.

GOL Cast: Maxing Out The Geiger Counter In Nuclear Throne

By Samsai,
If a nuclear holocaust were to happen right now it probably would be nothing like Nuclear Throne. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't check out this indie roguelite top-down shooter, so check it out we shall!

GOL Cast: Bombarding Planets In Interplanetary

By Samsai,
So this game has been sitting on my todo list for a while. I delayed it due to bugs in the Early Access version and after that I had plenty of new material to cover. But I think it's time to go back and see where this ended up. Let's go blow up some planets!

Introducing the Latest Addition To GOL Cast Hardware: Radeon R7 370 [Updated]

By Samsai,
Recently I've considered purchasing an AMD GPU for testing purposes and because of the recent benchmarking article I finally decided to abuse my wallet and get myself one. So, here it is along with some of my first impressions!

GOL Cast: Saving Humanity In Nomad Fleet

By Samsai,
Nomad Fleet developed by Autarca is a one-man indie strategy game that combines elements from FTL, Homeworld and even Battlestar Galactica into a single package. You command the remnants of the humanity on a quest to find an ancient jump gate to escape a mysterious alien race known as Xenos.

GOL Cast: Exploring Space And Meeting Aliens In Interstellaria

By Samsai,
Do you want to explore space and become a great hero? Well, let's see what this recently released space exploration RPG adventure game called Interstellaria has in store!

GOL Cast: Kicking some Demon Butt in Brutal Doom

By Samsai,
You know Doom, right? Well, are you aware of Brutal Doom, a mod that makes Doom even more awesome and brings it into the 21st century? Let's try that mod out!

GOL Cast: Running From Boulders In Barony [Updated]

By Samsai,
I'm a fan of roguelikes and I'm a fan of first-person shooters. So naturally I really like the idea of combining these two genres. And as it happens, another game called Barony has attempted that. Let's see how it fares!

GOL Cast: Blowing Up Raiders Mad Max-style In Convoy

By Samsai,
So what do you get when you mix FTL and Mad Max? Well, the answer would probably be Convoy. Let's take this roguelite game for a spin and blow up some nasty raiders in a very desolate wasteland on a planet far far away.

GOL Cast: Double The Headache With Snakebird And TIS-100

By Samsai,
So I heard you like puzzle games. Well, since relatively recently we have gotten two light-weight and relatively simple (as in, simple concept) puzzle games I decided to be more super productive and put them both in the same article. Enjoy the double first impressions!
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