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Category: Initial Thoughts
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Dota Underlords from Valve is already quite addictive and they're improving it quickly

With Dota Underlords available for testing, I've now taken a look at it (thanks Scaine!) and so far I've been quite impressed.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is out and it comes with same-day Linux support

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, possibly one of the biggest Total War games yet is officially out. Developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA, it was ported by Feral Interactive and they managed to get Linux support in right away.

2D indie platform brawler 'Super Powered Battle Friends' is now up on Steam and

Super Powered Battle Friends from Cache Grab Studios is a new platform fighter, with both local and online play and it's now in Early Access.

Ironhide Game Studio's real-time strategy game Iron Marines sees day-1 Linux support

This is fantastic, Iron Marines from Ironhide Game Studio just released today and they decided to get the Linux version ready to go one day-1.

Danger Gazers, a post-apocalyptic roguelite top-down shooter that brings something a little different is out

Arriving in Early Access yesterday, Danger Gazers is the latest from ShotX Studio, the one-person operation out of Tbilisi in Georgia.

We Need To Go Deeper could be a lot of fun but it needs to do a better job at everything

With thanks to a supporter, I was gifted a copy of We Need To Go Deeper. It's a 2-4 player co-op submarine roguelike and it's pretty rough.

Grand strategy game AI War 2 is now available in Early Access

AI War 2 from Arcen Games has finally entered Early Access today after being funded on Kickstarter back at the end of 2016.

Cosmic Star Heroine has a Linux version in beta

The RPG title has finally gone forward with its promised Linux support and now has an opt-in beta on Steam. I've had the chance to play a little and have enjoyed what I have seen.

Corrupted, a wave defense spin off of Wild Terra, is currently in Early Access

Set in the same universe as the Wild Terra MMORPG, Corrupted combines some basic RPG elements with all the action of wave defense. I gave the game a quick look and found little to enjoy.

Turn-based RPG dungeon crawler 'Robothorium' is now in Early Access with Linux support

Out now in Early Access with Linux support, Robothorium sees you lead your very own robot uprising. Developed by Goblinz Studio, the same team behind Dungeon Rushers.

Metanoia is a first person adventure in Early Access that is set within the mind

Though there’s still a long way to go before the game is polished and complete, I found that the initial build has a few promising things that you can enjoy already.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is now available, a few thoughts

The latest sprawling RPG from Obsidian Entertainment has been released with day-1 Linux support. Here’s a few thoughts on what you can expect.

Supposedly Wonderful Future, a sci-fi narrative-rich adventure is now available

Mixing elements from point and click adventures and visual novels, this sci-fi story involves time travel to the near future. I had the opportunity to play a few of the chapters and have some initial thoughts on the game.

Make Sail, the exploration and boat building adventure game is now in Early Access

Make Sail is a game about building boats and adventuring across different islands, it's now in Early Access and here's some initial thoughts.

Cityglitch, a puzzle game with ghosts and glitches, is now available on Steam

For those of you looking to fly across rooftops and solve puzzles in the dead of night, this new puzzle game may tickle your fancy. It was released earlier today with same-day Linux support and I have a few brief thoughts.
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