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Agitate, a small indie game that's like a reverse city-builder with you playing as nature has Linux support

A bit of an odd one to put a title to, Agitate from solo developer Tay has you build plants and try to survive the coming of the Hoomans.

RogueCraft Squadron, a fast-paced space RTS has expanded and released with Linux support

If you're after your next RTS fix, RogueCraft Squadron from Missing Sentinel Software is now officially out with Linux support.

Eastshade, the peaceful open-world exploration game is still coming to Linux

While the Linux version of Eastshade sadly didn't arrive at release, the developer has confirmed it's still coming.

Need a little something for Valentine's Day? Arcade Spirits is a pretty good choice

Regular readers might be a little confused, since I'm actually writing about a Visual Novel that I actually played despite them not usually being something I usually enjoy. Arcade Spirits actually won me over.

JUMPGRID is a fantastic 2D dodge-em-up that will give your fingers a workout

Did you enjoy Super Hexagon? JUMPGRID is a brand new dodge-em-up with simple and addictive gameplay.

The ruthless in-development roguelike 'Jupiter Hell' is now on, fresh update out too

Jupiter Hell is shaping up to be one of the most fun roguelikes I've played in a long time, especially with the brutal Doom-inspired theme. It has a new update out and you can pick it up before the full release on now too.

Office Management 101, a satirical office life simulation tycoon game has a demo and Linux support

Releasing sometime later this year, the satirical office life simulation tycoon game 'Office Management 101' currently has a demo you can try out on Linux.

Spinnortality, a 'cyberpunk management sim' is out with Linux support

Need even more cyberpunk? Fancy heading a megacorp and manipulate the world for your own gain? Spinnortality will let you do that.

The developer of 'Rise to Ruins' is doing so well, they're paying back supporters

Here's a rather nice tale to warm you up on a Monday. The developer behind Rise to Ruins has closed their Patreon account as they're doing so well, they're even paying back supporters.

FlowScape, an app to let you paint some gorgeous nature scenes now supports Linux

This is a rather interesting one, it's not exactly a game but it piqued my curiosity for how relaxing it looks.

WARP-TEK, a rather frantic horizontal shooter is out, developed on Linux

With a great soundtrack and a simple visual style, the horizontal space shooter WARP-TEK has been officially released today.

King under the Mountain, a settlement-building strategy game now has an alpha up on

After a mildly successful Kickstarter, King under the Mountain, a fantasy settlement-building strategy game now has an alpha available on

Kingdoms and Castles had another wonderful update to expand the city builder recently

While this Kingdoms and Castles update isn't the one to include rival kingdoms (it's coming), it does lay-out some of the groundwork towards that.

Pikuniku is an absolute surprise, what a joy to play and it's out now with Linux support

Pikuniku took me by surprise so much that I'm struggling to describe the feeling after playing it, an absolute joy for sure.

Cultist Simulator's free update is out adding a "positively unfair end-game mode"

Cultist Simulator, the roguelike narrative card game from Weather Factory has expanded with a new end-game mode that's "positively unfair".
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