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What have you been playing and what are your thoughts?

It's been a while since I last asked and plenty of games have been released or updated since then. Let's get talking.

Seems that the Linux version of Supraland will not be heading to GOG (updated)

Supraland released for Linux on Steam on July 2nd and it just released on GOG today but it seems the Linux version will not be heading to GOG.

Dota 2's prize pool for The International 2019 has surpassed $25 million, breaking previous records

The International 2019 tournament that starts in August just hit a recording-breaking prize pool sum.

Paradox Interactive on Linux support, it's being done on a "case by case basis"

There's been a lot of chatter in the Linux gaming community recently, centred around Paradox Interactive and future Linux support. It's not all doom and gloom.

It’s a tough time to be an indie developer, with Steam’s new sale event causing wishlist deletions

As an unintentional side effect of Valve's latest sales event, the Steam Grand Prix, it seems a lot of users have begun cleaning out their Steam Wishlists.

Canonical have released a statement on Ubuntu and 32bit support, will keep select packages

It seems Canonical have done a bit of a U-turn on dropping 32bit support for Ubuntu, as many expected they would do. Their official statement is now out for those interested.

Canonical are now saying Ubuntu's 32bit is not being entirely dropped, 32bit libraries will be "frozen"

As an update to the situation around Canonical planning to drop 32bit support, apparently they're not. Instead, the 32bit libraries will be frozen.

What are you playing this weekend and what do you think about it? It's mostly Dota Underlords for me

Let's lighten the mood a bit shall we? It's question time here on GamingOnLinux! Let's have a talk about what you've been playing recently.

Canonical planning to drop 32bit support with Ubuntu 19.10 onwards

As you might have heard by now, Canonical has made the decision to drop 32bit support from Ubuntu 19.10 onwards.

Double Fine Productions acquired by Microsoft for Xbox Game Studios, Psychonauts 2 still for Linux

News just coming out of E3, Double Fine Productions founded by Tim Schafer has been acquired by Microsoft. Specifically, they're now part of Xbox Game Studios.

What are you clicking on this weekend? Let us know your current favourites

It's the end of another busy week for Linux gaming, for many people the weekend is filled full of games.

The dev of "Marble It Up!" had intriguing words to say about the native vs Steam Play argument for a Linux version

Now and then I come across a game on Steam where I ask in the Steam forum about possible Linux support, Marble It Up! is one such game but the developer has decided to let Valve handle it with Steam Play.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS has already sold over one million copies

Smashing Total War records from all angles, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is now the fastest selling and most popular game in the entire franchise.

Find GamingOnLinux useful? Your support would be appreciated

Our ten year anniversary is coming close now and it's been some time since this was mentioned: GamingOnLinux is entirely funded by our readers.

BattlEye now say they're working with Valve to support Steam Play

Here's a bit of interesting news to end the week with, BattlEye have said they are working with Valve to get their anti-cheat working with Steam Play/Proton.
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