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Feel the need for a little karaoke? Check out UltraStar Play and UltraStar Deluxe

By Liam Dawe,
Two interesting projects we've not covered here before are UltraStar Deluxe and the newer UltraStar Play, both open source games aimed at karaoke fans.

The Sunday Papers - Linux and Gaming odds and ends

By Liam Dawe,
It's Sunday, a time for coffee, a sit in the sun and perhaps a little gaming? Time for a small round-up of some missed bits we wanted to go over recently.

Eagre Games developer of surreal adventure ZED closes down

By Liam Dawe,
ZED, a completely surreal first-person walking-sim adventure released back in 2019 after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Sadly it seems it didn't do well overall.

System76 announce COSMIC, their own GNOME-based desktop environment for Pop!_OS

By Liam Dawe,
Pop!_OS from Linux hardware vendor System76 is set to get a massive upgrade when Pop!_OS 21.04 releases, as they've announced COSMIC - their very own desktop environment.

Vulkan Video announced with new provisional extensions along with Vulkan 1.2.175 released

By Liam Dawe,
Vulkan, the graphics and compute API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs expands further with Vulkan Video and some provisional extensions.

Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation speak up on Stallman's return

By Liam Dawe,
Recently a big controversy surrounding the Free Software Community appeared and cut deep into the community when it was announced without warning that Richard Stallman (RMS) had returned.

Charles Games (Attentat 1942) sound positive about porting to Linux in their recap

By Liam Dawe,
Ondrej Trhon of Charles Games (Attentat 1942) has written up a blog post on Gamasutra about how things went after setting up an indie studio 13 months ago.

US Supreme Court sides with Google against Oracle about copying APIs being 'fair use'

By Liam Dawe,
It's being widely reported today that in the decade-long battle of Google vs Oracle that the US Supreme Court has now finally ruled in Google's favour. This is huge, for Linux and Linux Gaming too.

The Darkside Detective (plus the sequel) are getting a special Collectors USB Cassette

By Liam Dawe,
Here's a chance to get some cool swag with The Darkside Detective teaming up with Huey Games to bring a special Collectors USB Cassette Double-Pack of both games.

The popularity of Albion Online continues to grow hitting new heights

By Liam Dawe,
Albion Online, one of the few popular MMOs that actually supports Linux with a native build continues to grow and they've given a look at some of the latest numbers.

What have you been playing recently, come tell your thoughts

By Liam Dawe,
It's the weekend and it has again been a while since we had a community talking point article, so here we are!

Richard Stallman returns to the Free Software Foundation amid calls for FSF resignations

By Liam Dawe,
Back in 2019, Richard Stallman (RMS) resigned from the Free Software Foundation and MIT but it appears Stallman has returned and many are not happy about this. ARTICLE UPDATED 25/03/21.

Microsoft reportedly have Discord in their sights to acquire

By Liam Dawe,
Do you use Discord? Well if these reports are to be trusted, it looks like they might get a new owner under Microsoft.

Arrow is a new open source app for developing text adventures and game narratives

By Liam Dawe,
Are you designing a game narrative or want to make some sort of text adventure? Even if it's just prototyping or storyboarding the free and open source app Arrow can help.

Pixels customizable smart dice seem like an interesting way to spice up your tabletops

By Liam Dawe,
While I haven't yet jumped into the deep end of virtual tabletop experiences myself, the likes of Fantasy Grounds Unity and Foundry VTT support Linux and look really good. Want to spice them up if you play already? Enter the Pixels dice.

The Minecraft Badlion Client has been ported to Linux

By Liam Dawe,
Badlion, a very popular Minecraft launcher that bundles a bunch of things together has now been officially ported over to Linux with the Badlion Client 3.1 update.

plus-x is a simple tool to help developers on Windows set Linux permissions for games

By Liam Dawe,
Here's a small and very useful sounding application from game developer Cheeseness. It's called plus-x and the aim is to allow developers on Windows to set the correct permissions on Linux executables.

The Linux App Summit (LAS) returns in May, applications open for talks until March 15

By Liam Dawe,
Planned to happen online again during May 13-15, the Linux App Summit (LAS) is set to return giving you a chance to listen to talks about the future of application design, development and more for Linux.

KenShape is a new tool to get easy 3D models from 2D pixel-art by Kenney

By Liam Dawe,
Want a quick way to make 3D models? Here's your fresh tip of the day for prototyping, game development or anything else - check out the new KenShape application from Kenney.

Valve help developers into adding more controller support with new stats

By Liam Dawe,
Valve are trying to give developer a bit more data on what controller / gamepad they're using, which is a good reminder for developers to make sure they are testing for more than just a mouse and keyboard.
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