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Category: Open Source
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The Communist Dogifesto, an open source first-person shooter has a big update

The Communist Dogifesto has quite an amusing setting, with Russian space dogs aboard a space station becoming really rather intelligent and taking it over. It's open source and it just had a rather big update.

SC Controller, incredibly useful UI/Driver for the Steam Controller has a new release

If you ever have issues with games not picking up your Steam Controller correctly, you should probably take a look at the excellent SC Controller project.

The Xenko Game Engine recently became free and open source

The Xenko Game Engine recently released their 3.0 update which came with a surprise announcement of it now being free and open source.

NetHack: Legacy is a remastered version of the original NetHack due out this month

NetHack: Legacy follows on from it's older brother with the aim to make NetHack a bit more modern and accessible.

Open source Morrowind game engine OpenMW 0.44 released

For those wanting to play Morrowind on Linux, the latest version of the open source game engine OpenMW is out with a new spell search bar and more.

The fast-paced free shooter 'Xonotic' is now available as a Flatpak package for easy install

Not to be outdone by Snap packages, Flatpak's are also getting in on the fun so you can also now get Xonotic from Flathub.

The space 4x strategy game 'Star Ruler 2' is now open source

Star Ruler 2 from Blind Mind Studios has officially become open source and not just the game engine, it seems it's the whole thing.

A new version of CorsixTH, the open source game engine for Theme Hospital is on the way

Need something to keep you going while you wait for Two Point Hospital? CorsixTH allows you to play Theme Hospital on Linux with a modern game engine.

Sparky is a cute little terminal game about a dog making friends

Need a game for when you have a coffee break? Sparky is a sweet and simple game that's played in the terminal. Woof!

Fast-paced free shooter 'Xonotic' is now available as a Snap

Xonotic, the free and open source fast-paced shooter Xonotic is now available as a Snap package for super easy installation on Linux.

The open source project 'xoreos' released version 0.0.5 'Dawn Star'

Fashionably (?) late, but still finally there, a new release of xoreos arrives! xoreos is a re-implementation of BioWare's Aurora engine (and derivatives).

Open source game engine 'Godot Engine' to get an impressive third-person shooter demo

The lead developer of the open source game engine 'Godot Engine' has shown off a video of an upcoming third-person shooter demo and it's impressive.

Mesa now supports OpenGL 4.4 Compatibility Profile for radeonsi

Good news for those of you using an AMD GPU, as Mesa with radeonsi now has support for compatibility profiles up to OpenGL 4.4.

OpenSAGE, an early WIP game engine for Command & Conquer: Generals adds Linux support

OpenSAGE is an open source game engine that aims to be a re-implementation of SAGE, the RTS engine used in Command & Conquer: Generals and other RTS titles from EA Pacific.

Free and open source racer 'Yorg' has a new build out with experimental multiplayer

Remember Yorg? The free and open source racer I showed a little of back in March has a fresh update out with experimental multiplayer.
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