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Silly physics platformer where you swing with your tongue 'Crumble' now has a Linux demo

In the 3D platformer Crumble, you play as a rolling ball with a smiley face and a loose tongue. It sounds ridiculous and it is but it's also good fun. and after playing the demo I can't wait to see more from it.

Dandara, a gravity-defying 2d metroidvania platformer that's worth a look

Have you played Dandara? It's a 2d metroidvania platformer that's pretty unique, as you don't run along platforms like other similar games. Instead, you defy gravity by zipping from place to place and it's very interesting to play.

Like tricky platformers or want to test people on your own creations? DASH is looking good and coming soon

I've had the pleasure of testing out the platformer DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes for a while now and it's truly shaping up to be an impressive game.

Use your tongue to swing in 'Crumble', a 3D physics platformer coming to Linux and it looks amusing

Crumble from developer Brute Force popped up on Steam recently and honestly, it looks like it could be a really great 3D platformer.

Renaine, a gorgeous pixel-art platformer about overcoming failure is coming to Linux

Renaine is one I don't remember hearing about before, originally funded on Kickstarter this absolutely gorgeous pixel-art platformer is coming out this year and you need to take a look.

The Rise of the Giant "free DLC" for Dead Cells is out and it's fantastic as expected

Rise of the Giant, a huge "free DLC" for the excellent Dead Cells is now officially out as if you needed more reasons to play this awesome game.

Chasm, the adventure platformer from Bit Kid just had a big update giving more variety

Chasm, the crowdfunded adventure platformer continues to see great post-release support with the latest big free update out now.

Fast-paced first-person platformer 'Jumps' will really test you, available on Steam

Run, jump and hope for the best is mostly what I've been doing in the fast-paced 3D platformer Jumps. Available with Linux support on Steam.

ScourgeBringer, a fast-paced free-moving roguelite platformer is heading to Linux

Only just announced today, ScourgeBringer from Flying Oak Games, E-Studio and Dear Villagers who've all joined together to make it is a fast-paced action platformer that does look very slick.

Six years after the Kickstarter, the platformer and space shooter hybrid A.N.N.E is nearing a release

Wow, that's a name I haven't heard for a while! A.N.N.E had a Kickstarter way back in May of 2013 and it's finally closing in on an Early Access release.

The seriously good platformer 'Slime-san: Superslime Edition' can now be grabbed on GOG

The DRM-free store GOG have another addition to their Linux line-up with Slime-san: Superslime Edition now available.

Steel Rats, the Unreal Engine powered 2.5D motorbike combat action game is now out for Linux using Vulkan

Tate Multimedia have today published the Linux version of their Unreal Engine powered and crazy looking Steel Rats.

Million to One Hero, the action platformer with a built-in editor to create and share entire campaigns is out

Million to One Hero, a new Early Access action platformer just went out today and it's really quite good.

WarriOrb, a 2.5D action adventure platformer now has a long demo out with Linux support

WarriOrb certainly ticks a number of boxes, this 2.5D action adventure platformer has a gorgeous 3D environment and the developer recently put up a pretty long demo.

Space Rabbits in Space, a 2d skill-based parkour platformer will be coming to Linux

Ventilator Shark's great looking parkour platformer, Space Rabbits in Space will be coming to Linux.
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