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Category: Platformer
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Action platformer 'Grapple Force Rena' will have you swinging off everything

Grapple Force Rena from developer GalaxyTrail is a sweet action platformer where your magic bracelets allow you to hook into any surface. That includes enemies too, as you hook into them and throw them out of your way.

Dead Cells, one of my favourite releases this year has a major testing build up

Dead Cells, the incredibly stylish action-platformer with a sprinkle of metroidvania elements to make up what they call a Roguevania has a new major build out for testing.

Sundered to get a big free update this month, sounds pretty good

Sundered, the metroidvania action-platform with some fantastic art is going to expand soon and the update will be free.

Lost in Sky: Violent Seed, an intense story-based action platformer will have Linux support

While the release is a little while away, we have it confirmed that the story-based action platformer Lost in Sky: Violent Seed will have Linux support.

The challenging action-platformer 'Damsel' is now available on Linux

Damsel from Screwtape Studios is a mighty fine looking action-platformer set in a dark cartoon-like world and it's now on Linux.

The tricky precision platformer with world-building tools 'DASH' to release in Q1 2019

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes is shaping up to be an incredibly promising precision platformer, one for those who like a challenge as much as making one.

Looks like the Linux version of the challenging action platformer Damsel is coming

While it didn't manage to get funding on Kickstarter, the challenging action platformer Damsel released on Steam for Windows in October, with it looking like a Linux version is coming too.

Classic free and open source platformer 'SuperTux' has a new alpha release out

SuperTux, a name I've not heard in quite some time, a free and open source platformer inspired by Super Mario Bros is still chugging along and it's heading towards a new release.

Lore Finder, a cosmic horror metroidvania is on Kickstarter and should get Linux support

Lore Finder, a cosmic horror metroidvania from developer Kitsune Games that certainly sounds unique. You take on the role of K.C. Morgan, a paranormal investigator and search a New England mansion for your missing father.

Dead Dungeon is a hardcore platformer for those who like a challenge

Dead Dungeon from developer Alexey Roenko just recently released and it's pretty good, one for those who love a bit of difficult platforming.

Dark sci-fi platformer 'Orphan' looks awesome, still heading to Linux

Orphan, a dark sci-fi platformer about a young boy who may be the last survivor after an alien invasion is still coming to Linux.

Adventure platformer Chasm now has challenge modes and a practice mode

With the first major post-release update of the adventure platformer Chasm now out, they've added in some new game modes as well as general polishing.

Citrouille is a simple treat that’s just in time for Halloween

Halloween has a strong association with witches and candy these days. This challenging platformer has both in spades and I have a few thoughts to spare on the experience.

DASH is shaping up to be a very interesting platformer, one where you make your own levels

DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes from Baby Duka is closing in on an Early Access release and so far it does seem really quite promising.

Control a magical flying door in To Leave, a mystifying difficult adventure now available on Linux

Freaky Creations recently released To Leave, a mystifying narrative-driven adventure that deals with depression, self-harm and more adult themes.
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