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Category: Puzzle
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Tense Reflection sounds like pretty original take on combining a shooter with a puzzle game

Tense Reflection will ask you to think, solve and shoot as you need to solve puzzles to reload your ammo making it a rather unique hybrid of game genres.

Evan's Remains, a beautiful-looking puzzle platformer with visual novel elements plans Linux support

Evan's Remains from Matías Schmied and Whitethorn Digital is a new one to capture my interest. Blending a rather atmospheric puzzle platformer, with a little visual novel flair and it's planned for Linux.

First person puzzle-platformer 'Abstract Initiative' looks like it could be one to watch

Not one we've covered before, Abstract Initiative is a first-person puzzle platformer that's coming to Linux.

A Linux version of the mind-bending multi-dimensional 'Unbound: Worlds Apart' will come at release

Unbound: Worlds Apart from Alien Pixel Studios is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, this hand-crafted puzzler looks like it could melt my mind with the portal system.

In the 2.5D puzzle-adventure Afterlight, you play as an isolated astronaut on Titan

Afterlight really does look beautiful, with a "2.5D" style this puzzle-adventure is one to firmly keep an eye on.

Minimalistic puzzle game 'Simple Dot' looks rough but it's an interesting experience overall

Simple Dot has a simple idea, balls drop from a bucket and you have to draw lines to get them into a bucket somewhere else. It's out now with same-day Linux support and I gave it a run to see if it's worth your time.

The simple yet stylish puzzle game SiNKR 2 is out and it's lovely

SiNKR 2 from Robert Wahler, a minimalist and stylish puzzle game is now available with same-day Linux support.

The World of Goo 10 year update is now out for Linux gamers, working well

For those that missed it, I recently posted how World of Goo was seeing an update for the first time in around 10 years and it's now out.

The absolute classic physics-based puzzle game 'World of Goo' is getting a little revamp soon

World of Goo, a serious classic that released on Linux back in 2009 is coming back with a little revamp.

The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer that really does offer something fresh

The Pedestrian is one of the more unusual games that has been emailed in recently, as it's platformer but what it does with the unique setting is quite amusing.

The award winning minimalist puzzle game SiNKR is getting a sequel, releasing with Linux support in May

SiNKR 2, a sequel to the multi-award winning minimalist puzzle game SiNKR is on the way! Releasing on May 9th, with Linux support.

After a very long wait, the unique puzzling adventure 'OneShot' is now officially available for Linux

Originally planned for release way back in 2016, the Linux version of OneShot was delayed for a long time but the wait is finally over.

Altered, a sweet looking puzzle game where you're part of the puzzle is coming to Linux

Releasing sometime this Summer, Altered looks like a rather sweet take on the puzzle genre as you're a block that forms part of a puzzle.

The great distribution puzzle game 'Train Valley 2' has officially released

Train Valley 2, a distribution puzzle game needing you to keep trains running on time and with the correct resources across each level is now out.

The elegant puzzle game Jetstream is now available on Steam with Linux support

Puzzle games don't get much more streamlined than this, Jetstream has a very easy-going atmosphere combined with super simple controls making it easy to get into.
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