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Category: Puzzle
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The great distribution puzzle game 'Train Valley 2' has officially released

Train Valley 2, a distribution puzzle game needing you to keep trains running on time and with the correct resources across each level is now out.

The elegant puzzle game Jetstream is now available on Steam with Linux support

Puzzle games don't get much more streamlined than this, Jetstream has a very easy-going atmosphere combined with super simple controls making it easy to get into.

Apparatus, a physics puzzle game developed on Linux is now on Kickstarter, will be open source too

Apparatus, a name I honestly had never heard of until recently is a physics puzzle game developed on Linux. As it turns out, this is a reboot of a game that was popular in the early days of mobile touchscreens.

In the puzzle game Flux Caves you will be pushing around blocks to play with large marbles

If you like puzzle games and marbles today is your lucky day as I came across Flux Caves, which merges them into one game.

Baba Is You is an excellent rule-breaking puzzle game, some thoughts

Baba Is You, a recent puzzle game release from Hempuli Oy offers a pretty different take on the genre and I have some thoughts.

Jetstream looks like a pretty sweet puzzle game, releasing for Linux next month

Clockwork Acorn revealed yesterday that their rather lovely looking puzzler Jetstream will release on April 2nd, with Linux support right away.

In the puzzler 'Baba Is You', you mess with the rules and it's out now

Baba Is You from developer Hempuli Oy is a very interesting looking puzzler and it's out now with Linux support.

Snakebird Primer is a fantastic and slightly amusing puzzle game you should try

After releasing recently, Snakebird Primer had a few issues with the Linux version. They're now mostly fixed and I've had a really great time with it.

Free exploration & puzzle game Estranged: Act II had another update recently

Estranged: Act II from solo developer Alan Edwardes is pretty impressive and it continues to see improvements during Early Access. Another update is now out!

The puzzle game 'Robo Instructus' will have you control a robot with simple programming

For those who love their puzzles and their programming, Robo Instructus from developer Big AB Games was just announced.

Escape room style puzzler with a seven deadly sin theme 'Forgiveness' is out now

For those who love a good puzzle while also don't mind having their brain messed with, Forgiveness is out now and it's pretty good.

The Talos Principle has a new beta with an upgraded Serious Engine, removes OpenGL in favour of Vulkan

The Talos Principle, Croteam's fantastic first-person puzzle game has a fresh beta available to test with some major changes.

Sci-fi puzzle horror 'The Subject' officially adds Linux support

Today, DarkStone Digital have added Linux support to their rather good and scary looking sci-fi puzzle horror game The Subject.

Casual puzzle game 'Snakebird Primer' is out with Linux support

For those who like their sweet casual puzzle games, Snakebird Primer has released today with Linux support.

Baba Is You, an award winning puzzle game is heading to Linux next month

Baba Is You, a puzzle game with over 200 levels that won multiple awards is coming to Linux next month and it does look pretty unique.
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