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Pixel art RTS TFC: The Fertile Crescent adds in factions and dynamic music

By Liam Dawe,
TFC: The Fertile Crescent is a great fast-paced pixel-art take on an RTS, a little in the spirit of Age of Empires and similar games. The latest update is the biggest yet adding in a faction system.

Arcane Wilds kicks off with some refreshing RTS ideas

By Etienne Mahler,
Have you been someone who loved playing games like Starcraft and Age of Empires primarily in multiplayer mode with your friends, or do you still play them? Then I might have something for you that could make your competitive RTS heart beat faster and bring some fresh ideas.

Proton Hotfix gets Minecraft Legends working on Steam Deck & Linux desktop

By Liam Dawe,
Minecraft Legends just recently released on Steam and sadly at release it just wouldn't run, a quick bug report later and Valve has already solved it with Proton Hotfix.

Upcoming base-building RTS 'Dying Breed' set after a WW2 nuclear holocaust

By Liam Dawe,
Set in an alternate timeline where WW2 ended in a full nuclear holocaust, the classic base-building RTS named Dying Breed is worth keeping an eye on. You can even try a demo right now.

FOSS strategy game OpenHV gets a release two years in the making

By Liam Dawe,
Do any of you remember OpenHV? Back in 2020, it was announced as an OpenRA-based free and open source RTS, based on designs from Daniel Cook that never made it into a game planned to be called Hard Vacuum but now it's here and it has a massive upgrade.

OpenRA gets a big new stable release, lots of fun for classic RTS fans

By Liam Dawe,
After multiple testing releases, OpenRA for the playing the classics Red Alert, Command & Conquer and Dune 2000 has now released a major upgrade.

OpenRA has another test release improving Dune 2000, Red Alert and major bug fixes

By Liam Dawe,
OpenRA is closing in on another big new release to improve the experience of playing Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Dune 2000.

Command & Conquer - Combined Arms adds the start of a campaign mode

By Liam Dawe,
Command & Conquer - Combined Arms is a free and open source game pack made with the OpenRA game engine, the bundles together forces from various classic Westwood RTS games including Allies, Soviets, Nod, GDI and the Scrin.

Stone Kingdoms is an in-development open source remake of Stronghold

By Liam Dawe,
Anyone remember the original Stronghold from FireFly Studios? Well, there's an open source remake named Stone Kingdoms.

The next release of 0 A.D. will have experimental Vulkan API support

By Liam Dawe,
0 A.D. is an in-development free and open source RTS, one that's very promising and looks pretty good and the next Alpha version will also feature experimental Vulkan support.

Pixel-art RTS game TFC: The Fertile Crescent adds neutral settlements and unit stances

By Liam Dawe,
What might seem like a pixel-art Age of Empires on the surface, the RTS game TFC: The Fertile Crescent is much more than that and they recently released a major update for the game.

Beyond All Reason is looking incredible for fans of Total Annihilation / Supreme Commander

By Liam Dawe,
Beyond All Reason is an in-development free and open source RTS, based on the SpringRTS game engine and their latest update showcases just how great it looks.

OpenRA for classic Command & Conquer, Dune 2000, Red Alert has a new Playtest

By Liam Dawe,
OpenRA is one of my absolute favourite open source projects allowing you to play the Westwood classics like Command & Conquer, Dune 2000 and Red Alert has a new Playtest up over a year after the last release.

Retro inspired RTS Rusted Warfare adds shaders, new units and other huge upgrades

By Liam Dawe,
Rusted Warfare is a great RTS for people who love the classics. One I discovered years ago on Android and then it later had a PC release. A big new release version 1.15 adds in loads to it.

Mixing factory management, Tower Defense and RTS - Mindustry 7.0 is out now

By Liam Dawe,
Easily one of the best open source games around, Mindustry from AnukenDev just had a MASSIVE new release out that took quite some time to make.

Fantasy strategy game Winter Falling: Battle Tactics now in Early Access

By Liam Dawe,
Combining elements and being inspired by the likes of FTL and Total War, Winter Falling: Battle Tactics is a pretty unique strategy game.

Warzone 2100 version 4.3 is out now with a new 'Super Easy' mode

By Liam Dawe,
The free and open source RTS Warzone 2100 has a new release out, bringing with it a new difficulty mode if you struggled through the campaign.

Dark Reign: The Future of War, a true classic RTS is being remade in OpenRA

By Liam Dawe,
Anyone else remember Dark Reign: The Future of War? Released back in 1997, it's a real classic and at the time it had some pretty favourable reviews too. The good news is that it's being rebuilt by fans using OpenRA.

Someone released the FOSS RTS 0 A.D. on Steam without speaking to the developers

By Liam Dawe,
Here's a "fun" one for you. The developers behind the free and open source RTS named 0 A.D. (pronounced “zero-ey-dee”) have announced that someone (they don't know who) has put it up on Steam.

Free and open source RTS 0 A.D. Alpha 26 'Zhuangzi' is out now

By Liam Dawe,
0 A.D., an in-development free and open source real-time strategy game has a big new release out with Alpha 26.
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