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Category: Sandbox
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TerraTech, the open-world sandbox game has a big 'Better Future' update with new blocks for your vehicles

TerraTech is one of the more interesting sandbox games I played last year, an open-world giving you a lot of freedom to explore and destroy while you create your own vehicles.

Voxel Turf, the block-based urban sandbox game adds in a Light Plane, Airfields and more

I have to admit, I've had a silly amount of fun in Voxel Turf. A game that combines the block-building that made Minecraft popular with vehicles, buildings, gang wars and all sorts.

Planet Nomads has another update out with new weather types and lots of tweaks

Planet Nomads, the sci-fi single-player survival game has another update out and it seems it's been a tough year for the developer.

Prison Architect update 17 is out, multiplayer for everyone

Prison Architect, the engrossing prison building sim from Introversion had a big update out with multiplayer now done and out for all.

Mindustry, an open source sandbox Tower Defense game that's a little like Factorio

Mindustry is a free and open source Tower Defense game that pulls in elements rather similar to Factorio and it seems like it could be quite good.

CHKN, the weirdest open-world sandbox game where you create creatures has a huge new release

CHKN is hard to describe, it's a really odd open-world sandbox adventure game where you create your own creatures.

Relaxing nature sim 'Equilinox' is out, seems to be a hit with users

For those who prefer the calmer side of video games, Equilinox is a sandbox nature simulation game and it's out now.

X4: Foundations for Linux will not see a beta at release today, still coming though

Egosoft's latest space sim, X4: Foundations, is releasing today for Windows. Originally, it was to get a Linux beta at release but it seems that's being delayed further.

The charming theme park building game Parkitect has left Early Access, campaign included

Parkitect from developer Texel Raptor is a true shining beacon on how to get Early Access done right. It's officially out, right now!

The Last Leviathan, a physics-based, ship building and destruction sandbox adds flying blocks

The Last Leviathan is an interesting looking Early Access physics-based, ship building and destruction sandbox adds flying blocks. It recently had the first update for a while.

Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion and Gagarin free update have released, working well on Linux

Haemimont Games along with Paradox Interactive have released the Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion today and it's great.

Odd Realm is a sandbox settlement builder inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld with Linux support

Inspired by the likes of Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld, Odd Realm is a sandbox settlement builder currently in Early Access on itch.

Theme park builder 'Parkitect' had another nice beta update recently

For those of you with a creative side that fancy building a theme park, Parkitect is a good option. It's currently in Early Access and progress is great.

Artificial life sim 'Vilmonic' where you can mess with evolution is now out

Vilmonic, a pixel-art artificial life sim from Bludgeonsoft has been officially released, with full Linux support.

Project Zomboid has a massive update with a simulated weather and climate system

Surviving the zombie apocalypse just got a lot more interesting! Project Zomboid, the Early Access survival game just added a simulated weather and climate system along with some more treats.
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