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Category: Simulation
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Railway Empire has another update and it's off to France in the latest DLC out now

There appears to be no stopping this train, Railway Empire continues to see plenty of post-release support and extra optional content.

Time for school as the big Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion is out now

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order have put school back on the map, as the Cities: Skylines - Campus expansion is out now.

Freaky co-op submarine sim 'Barotrauma' is entering Early Access next month

Another title becoming available next month (it's going to be busy) is Barotrauma, a co-op submarine sim that has a very good atmosphere.

Dwarf Fortress inspired space station building 'Starmancer' now in alpha with new footage

I go a little bit crazy for building sims, especially when they have a space sci-fi elements like Starmancer and the style is simply amazing.

Imperator: Rome from Paradox is out today with same-day Linux support (updated)

Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive have today released their latest grand strategy game Imperator: Rome, as expected it's come with same-day Linux support.

Transport Fever 2 announced, will release this year with Linux support

Urban Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment announced Transport Fever 2 today and the great news is they're continuing to support Linux.

Trapped inside a panic room, can you save yourself and your mafia empire? Save Koch is out

In Save Koch you play as mafia kingpin, Jeffrey Koch, who is under threat from a hidden mastermind trying to take your place.

The near-future game of espionage 'Sigma Theory: Global Cold War' is out in Early Access

Developed by Mi-Clos Studio (Out There) and Goblinz Studio (Robothorium, Dungeon Rushers), Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, a game about using special agents to attempt control of the world has entered Early Access with Linux support recently.

Two Point Hospital's Superbug Initiative brings a new challenge system, beta now available

The Superbug Initiative for Two Point Hospital sees players working together across the world, to complete challenges.

Fantastic space colony sim 'Oxygen Not Included' leaving Early Access on May 28th, new update out

Klei Entertainment have now formally set a date for Oxygen Not Included to leave Early Access on May 28th, they've also put out a huge update today.

We. The Revolution is a slow but very interesting game and it's working well on Linux

Set during the French Revolution with a rather chilling intro, We. The Revolution is a very interesting game.

The Ultimate Nerd Game is now called 'Logic World', releasing this Summer with Linux support

Remember The Ultimate Nerd Game (TUNG)? Well, it's now called Logic World and it's getting a massively expanded release this Summer with full Linux support.

Empires of the Undergrowth to add in leafcutter ants and more in the next update

Empires of the Undergrowth, a real-time strategy game that has you look after a family of ants is to get a pretty huge upgrade later this month.

Crossroads Inn, a fantasy tavern simulator was funded on Kickstarter and it's coming to Linux

One funding campaign I completely missed was Crossroads Inn, a fantasy tavern simulator that managed to get fully funded. It looks pretty good and it's coming to Linux.

Cats Fly Helicopters from Flippfly (Race The Sun) announced, some comments on Linux support

Flippfly (Race The Sun, Evergarden) have announced Cats Fly Helicopters, an amusing sounding game about being a cat flying around a simulated city full of physics and emergent gameplay. On the topic of Linux support, they had some comments for me when asked.
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