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Category: Simulation
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Ciel Fledge, an Anime-styled sim about raising an adopted daughter

Quite a peculiar game this one, Ciel Fledge from Studio Namaapa and PQube Games has you adopt a strange child found on the surface of a ruined planet and raise her.

Looks like supporting multiple platforms has been worth it for Rings of Saturn

Rings of Saturn from Kodera Software is something I've written about a couple of times and it seems like supporting Linux and Mac has been worth it for the developer.

Kubifaktorium, a voxel colony management and automation game developed on Linux is now in Early Access

The second game developed by Mirko Seithe and made on Linux, Kubifaktorium, a voxel colony management and automation game is now available in Early Access.

Prison Architect just got a nice update now that Double Eleven are keeping a watchful eye

Following on from the recent news that Double Eleven are the new developers of Prison Architect, as promised they just released a brand new update.

Prison Architect gains a new warden with Double Eleven, free update incoming

After Paradox Interactive acquired the rights to Prison Architect from Introversion Software, they've now announced that Double Eleven will be handling future updates.

An early build of the tycoon strategy game 'Voxel Tycoon' will release on later this month

Voxel Tycoon, another in-development indie game that will have Linux support is arriving soon with an early build.

Hard sci-fi space game 'Rings of Saturn' is now doing an Early Access crowdfunding mix on itch

Rings of Saturn, a hard sci-fi space simulation game made with the FOSS Godot Engine is now opening up Early Access builds on itch, with a slight difference.

Space station building sim Starmancer is looking really good from the new E3 trailer, coming to Linux

Funded on Kickstarter, Starmancer really looks like it's coming along nicely and they had a trailer to show off during E3.

Spiritfarer, a cozy management game about dying announced and it's coming to Linux

Hey look, even more news for you tonight from E3! Thunder Lotus Games (Jotun, Sundered) just announced Spiritfarer, what they're saying is a cozy management game about dying.

Space Haven Alpha 2 released, you can now build a fleet of ships

Space Haven, the in-development spaceship building and exploration sim from Bugbyte just had a pretty big update to the Alpha.

DRM has been blown out the airlock, as X4: Foundations for Linux is now on GOG

DRM-free GOG fans rejoice, you can now join the space race as Egosoft have put X4: Foundations for Linux up.

Barotrauma, the co-op submarine sim set on Jupiter’s moon Europa is now out in Early Access

A promising start to what could end up being an incredibly fun co-op experience, the co-op submarine sim Barotrauma is out today in Early Access.

Eco tycoon sim Among Ripples 2 announced with a short teaser

Eat Create Sleep have announced, Among Ripples 2, an eco tycoon sim that has you work with a team of scientists to build, repair and maintain a delicate ecosystem for your lakes.

Space station sim 'Meeple Station' has a new UI and resource system but it still needs a better tutorial

When I checked out Meeple Station from Vox Games and Modularity originally, I loved the idea but it was pretty rough. Checking back on it since a recent overhaul, it's feeling much better.

Relaxing nature sim 'Equilinox' adds a creative mode

When taking a look at the nature building sim Equilinox back in January, my biggest complaint was the lack of proper freedom. ThinMatrix have now solved this!
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