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Sandbox god sim 'WorldBox' now has a Linux build available and it's seriously fun

By Liam Dawe,
Do you like watching a world evolve over time? Or perhaps you like watching pure chaos unfold. WorldBox is an in development sandbox god sim and now it has a Linux build too.

Railroad dispatching management sim Rail Route to release on June 23, try out the new demo

By Liam Dawe,
You've built cities, factories with never-ending conveyor belts, rail lines connecting up everything and more - but have you been in charge of train dispatch before? Rail Route brings another fresh take.

PULSAR: Lost Colony gets a brand new campaign in the latest update

By Liam Dawe,
PULSAR: Lost Colony is a co-op spaceship simulator where each player assumes the role of a crew member and a whole new campaign just dropped in.

Check out the latest trailer for Stardeus, a space base building colony management sim

By Liam Dawe,
Sprinkle in a little RimWorld, Space Haven, Starmancer and more together and you get what looks like Stardeus.

The text-based Pro Wrestling Sim will be coming to Linux

By Liam Dawe,
Pro Wrestling Sim is an Early Access text-based pro-wrestling booking simulator and the developer has confirmed they will officially bring it to Linux later.

ΔV: Rings of Saturn now gives the full game in the demo, with one catch

By Liam Dawe,
Get ready to explore space, mine some rocks and lose yourself in the hard sci-fi game ΔV: Rings of Saturn which just expanded the demo in a very big way.

Chris Sawyer's Locomotion improves further in the open source re-implementation OpenLoco

By Liam Dawe,
OpenLoco continues advancing and bringing Chris Sawyer's Locomotion another step further to being as great as OpenTTD for Transport Tycoon Deluxe with a new OpenLoco 21.04 release out now.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 expands with Iberia DLC out now

By Liam Dawe,
Continuing to be one of the most popular games on Steam, Euro Truck Simulator 2 from Prague-based SCS Software expands once again with a fresh location out now with the Iberia DLC release.

Management sim with an infinite voxel world 'Voxel Tycoon' heads to Steam on April 15

By Liam Dawe,
Ready for your next time-sink? After being in pre-alpha on for a few years, Voxel Tycoon is now preparing the move over to Steam Early Access.

The excellent business and building sim OpenTTD arrives on Steam

By Liam Dawe,
Play the open source remake and expansion of Transport Tycoon Deluxe free with OpenTTD, which is finally available on Steam along with a new update available.

Koi Farm, the relaxing koi breeding game releases the source code

By Liam Dawe,
Want to jump in and see how another game is made? Now is another chance! The koi breeding game Koi Farm that released on Steam on February 26 has now released the source code.

Cute Bite is an upcoming vampire raising sim from Hanako Games

By Liam Dawe,
Here's something a little different and the type of game we don't cover often - Cute Bite from Hanako Games is an upcoming vampire raising sim where you guide a tiny shrunken vampire back to power.

X4: Foundations 4.00 update and X4: Cradle of Humanity expansion out now

By Liam Dawe,
Ready to find your space legs again and perhaps even return to Earth? Egosoft have released the big 4.00 update for X4: Foundations and the massive X4: Cradle of Humanity expansion is also out now.

War Thunder 'Ixwa Strike' update out bringing over 30 new vehicles

By Liam Dawe,
War Thunder continues expanding its roster of countries available with the 'Ixwa Strike' update out now that brings with it South African armoured vehicles.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 heads to Russia for another DLC

By Liam Dawe,
While SCS Software still haven't finished with the upcoming Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, they've already revealed the next one after with the Heart of Russia.

Go on a journey through time in Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time out now

By Liam Dawe,
Two Point Studios and SEGA just surprise released the latest expansion for the comedy building and management sim Two Point Hospital with Two Point Hospital: A Stitch in Time out now.

Learning Factory is like Factorio with lots of cats and plenty of automation

By Liam Dawe,
Combining the ideas found in Machine Learning with automation and Factorio styled conveyor belts everywhere, Learning Factory from has entered Early Access.

X4: Cradle of Humanity and the big 4.0 update launching March 16

By Liam Dawe,
Ready to explore a bigger universe? The upcoming X4: Cradle of Humanity expansion along with the big free 4.0 update for all players is now confirmed to launch on March 16.

FOSS soft-body physics simulator Rigs of Rods has a new release

By Liam Dawe,
In need of a new fun physics sim? How about one that's free, open source and can be played in multiplayer? Rigs of Rods might be what you're after and they have a new release.

Free and open source space sim Pioneer updated with new UI and better combat

By Liam Dawe,
Pioneer is another classic example of a long-running free and open source game doing well, with a brand new release up that overhauls plenty of important parts.
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