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Category: Survival
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7 Days to Die now has an experimental build available for Alpha 17, it's a huge difference

After waiting what feels like forever, the pimps have put out an experimental version of their Alpha 17 release for everyone to try out.

7 Days to Die experimental alpha 17 due next week and it's a massive overhaul to the game

Developer The Fun Pimps is finally about to release the much anticipated experimental alpha 17 of 7 Days to Die, which should be early next week.

Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion and Gagarin free update have released, working well on Linux

Haemimont Games along with Paradox Interactive have released the Surviving Mars: Space Race expansion today and it's great.

Sipho, an action survival game where you build a creature is now in Early Access

Sipho is an action survival game inspired by real creatures called Siphonophorae and it's now available in Early Access with same-day Linux support.

11 bit studios actually will put the latest This War of Mine DLC on Linux

As an update to the previous article where 11 bit studios told me they didn't have the resources for Linux, turns out they will be putting the latest This War of Mine DLC on Linux after-all.

Deadly Days, the strategic zombie survival rogue-lite has changed dramatically, we have keys to give away

It's been a good few months since I last looked at the Early Access strategic zombie survival rogue-lite called Deadly Days. During this time, it's changed a lot.

The Long Dark's third story episode has been delayed, revamp of first two episodes due next month

The Long Dark is a brutal, cold and unforgiving survival adventure that has an episodic story survival mode as well as a full sandbox survival mode. Sadly, the third episode has been delayed but there is some good news.

The Don't Starve: Hamlet expansion is now available with Linux support, not quite finished yet

Klei have pushed out their latest expansion with Don't Starve: Hamlet for the single-player survival experience, although they say it's Early Access.

CHANGE, a homeless survival game is in Early Access with Linux support

One I'm surprised I missed, CHANGE from developer Delve Interactive (PONCHO) is a survival game where you're homeless in a randomly generated city.

Total Chaos is an impressive and scary total conversion for Doom 2 making it a survival horror experience

Love your Doom mods? Total Chaos is a total conversion for Doom 2 which puts you on a remote island known as Fort Oasis in a survival horror setting.

Planet Nomads updated with optimisations and some needed fixes to the Linux version

After waiting a while, developer Craneballs has now fixed up the Linux version of Planet Nomads along with providing some optimisations.

This War of Mine to get a second story DLC with The Last Broadcast, releasing next month (UPDATED)

This War of Mine, the rather bleak survival game where you take care of a group in besieged city is getting a second story DLC named The Last Broadcast. UPDATED.

Project Zomboid has a massive update with a simulated weather and climate system

Surviving the zombie apocalypse just got a lot more interesting! Project Zomboid, the Early Access survival game just added a simulated weather and climate system along with some more treats.

Wrongworld, the bizarre survival adventure is still coming to Linux and it's next on their to-do list

After a rather long wait, the bizarre and amusing looking survival adventure game Wrongworld is still coming to Linux.

Death Road to Canada adds 4-player local co-op along with new game modes

Death Road to Canada, the amusing road trip Zombie game has just had a pretty big 'HUMERUS' update. It introduces a new 4-player local co-op mode, additional game modes along with plenty of tweaks.
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