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Category: Unity
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In the puzzle game Flux Caves you will be pushing around blocks to play with large marbles

If you like puzzle games and marbles today is your lucky day as I came across Flux Caves, which merges them into one game.

In Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands, music is your weapon and it's coming to Linux

One Kickstarter I completely missed is Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands, a musical themed quirky RPG where music is your weapon. The campaign is over and it managed to smash the funding goal, with Linux noted as a release platform.

The MMO Albion Online is officially going free to play next month

Sandbox Interactive just announced that their MMO Albion Online, which currently requires an initial purchase to access it is going free to play on April 10th.

System Shock 3 may see Linux support, OtherSide still working on Underworld Ascendant for Linux

OtherSide Entertainment have teased out a new short video of System Shock 3 and it may see Linux support.

Moss Destruction, a fast twin-stick shooter that's pretty tough is now out

Moss Destruction from developer Shotgun with Glitters puts you up against various hordes of strange creatures, it recently left Early Access and I gave it plenty of time.

Fast-paced first-person platformer 'Jumps' will really test you, available on Steam

Run, jump and hope for the best is mostly what I've been doing in the fast-paced 3D platformer Jumps. Available with Linux support on Steam.

The innovative FPS 'Shotgun Farmers' has left Early Access with a tasty update

Shotgun Farmers is a first-person shooter that's not only good fun, it's also rather innovative with how you collect ammo and weapons.

In 'Merchant of the Skies' you will build a trade empire in the skies with the help of your airship

Merchant of the Skies was just announced this week, a peaceful trading game with a little base-building management thrown in.

The next major update for the MMO Albion Online named 'Oberon' is due March 20th

Oberon is going to spice things up quite a bit for Albion Online, one of the few MMOs that actually has a supported Linux version.

Snakebird Primer is a fantastic and slightly amusing puzzle game you should try

After releasing recently, Snakebird Primer had a few issues with the Linux version. They're now mostly fixed and I've had a really great time with it.

Escape room style puzzler with a seven deadly sin theme 'Forgiveness' is out now

For those who love a good puzzle while also don't mind having their brain messed with, Forgiveness is out now and it's pretty good.

Rise of Industry has another huge update, full release date announced

I was very impressed with Rise of Industry last time I took a look at this strategic tycoon game from Dapper Penguin Studios. They have another big update out along with an announcement about leaving Early Access.

Agitate, a small indie game that's like a reverse city-builder with you playing as nature has Linux support

A bit of an odd one to put a title to, Agitate from solo developer Tay has you build plants and try to survive the coming of the Hoomans.

Battle Motion is another fantasy battle sim that's now available on Linux

Battle Motion is a game I briefly highlighted here on GOL before, with a release now available on Steam for this fantasy battle sim.

Action RPG 'Moonlighter' had a massive free update recently making it a much more interesting game

Moonlighter was already quite interesting, with the mix of action-RPG dungeon crawling along with working in a shop to sell your goods, now with the free Friends & Foes update it's even more fun.
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