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Category: Unity
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Incredibly weird comedy point and click adventure 'Clam Man' is out

Clam Man from Team Clam is a new comedy adventure game, it just recently released with Linux support.

Sci-fi first-person shooter 'Interstellar Marines' continues to live on, with a big update out now

Interstellar Marines, a once promising sci-fi first-person shooter that slowly died is slowly making a comeback. Update 28 was released just recently, giving it an overhaul in a few places.

Sandbox tycoon-like trading game 'Merchant of the Skies' has a new trailer and a later release date

Merchant of the Skies from Coldwild Games, seems like it could be an interesting resource management and trading game with you flying around the world in an airship. There's a new trailer and a delay in the release.

Ironhide Game Studio's real-time strategy game Iron Marines sees day-1 Linux support

This is fantastic, Iron Marines from Ironhide Game Studio just released today and they decided to get the Linux version ready to go one day-1.

Single-player FPS 'Ravenfield' now has deadlier AI, new vehicle styles and continues being amusing

Ravenfield continues to improve and it's a really promising single-player FPS experience especially with how many fun mods you can add in.

Multiplayer dating sim 'Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season' on Kickstarter with Linux support, already funded

Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season, the sequel to the surprisingly good Monster Prom that I even enjoyed is now happening and it's on Kickstarter.

The Long Dark 'Steadfast Ranger' update out, working great on Linux now

The Long Dark, a survival game from Hinterland Studio that offers up both a story mode and a sandbox survival mode just got another big update and it's looking good now., the cross-platform mod API for games has launched a Unity plugin

liamdawe,, the cross-platform Steam Workshop-like service that's independent of any store just today officially launched a very useful sounding plugin for the Unity game engine.

Dwarf Fortress inspired space station building 'Starmancer' now in alpha with new footage

I go a little bit crazy for building sims, especially when they have a space sci-fi elements like Starmancer and the style is simply amazing.

The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer that really does offer something fresh

The Pedestrian is one of the more unusual games that has been emailed in recently, as it's platformer but what it does with the unique setting is quite amusing.

LUNA The Shadow Dust looks like an adventure game not to be missed

LUNA The Shadow Dust from Lantern Studio and Application Systems Heidelberg has a new trailer and it really has me wanting to see more as it looks beautiful.

The near-future game of espionage 'Sigma Theory: Global Cold War' is out in Early Access

Developed by Mi-Clos Studio (Out There) and Goblinz Studio (Robothorium, Dungeon Rushers), Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, a game about using special agents to attempt control of the world has entered Early Access with Linux support recently.

Dark adventure game 'Little Misfortune' from the maker of Fran Bow now has a demo available

From the creators of Fran Bow and sharing the same universe, Little Misfortune now has a demo available to get a taster.

Bearded Giant Games are bringing some Match 3 fun to Linux with Farm Life

Farm Life, originally from developer RVL Games is getting ported over to Linux from Bearded Giant Games, bringing some Match 3 gameplay.

Caves of Qud, the crazy-deep roguelike is having a price increase this week so act fast

Caves of Qud from Freehold Games is a roguelike with some truly ridiculous depth to it and after many years of development they're going to be upping the price on April 18th.
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