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Category: Unreal Engine
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The devs of Tower Unite remove the broken Linux beta in favour of Steam Play, mentioning Unreal Engine issues

Tower Unite, a 'community-based virtual world party game' had a Linux version that was left in Beta since 2016 and eventually it broke. They've now removed it in favour of people using Valve's Steam Play.

An enhanced version of the fan-made Half-Life 2: Episode 3 'Project Borealis' performance test is out

Project Borealis, the fan-made Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is still continuing along, with the release of a second performance to test so we can stress-test their work.

Strange survival adventure 'Wrongworld' looks like it won't be on Linux any time soon

Wrongworld from developer Sludj Games is coming to Linux, but it's sadly seeing some major setbacks.

Ant colony management sim 'Empires of the Undergrowth' added a new freeplay map and challenge modes

I'm a big fan of Empires of the Undergrowth, an Ant colony management sim from Slug Disco Studios and after trying out the recent huge update I continue to be impressed.

ZED, the surreal adventure game has a new trailer and partnership with Cyan

ZED, the adventure and puzzle game whose team includes some of the creative forces behind Myst and many other popular games that was funded on Kickstarter has a brand new trailer and publishing partnership.

Unreal Engine 4.21 is out, now defaults to the Vulkan API on Linux

Epic Games have released Unreal Engine 4.21 and it includes some interesting stuff on the Linux side of things.

The free FPS 'Urban Terror: Resurgence' now has some updated footage

Urban Terror: Resurgence, the revamp of the classic free FPS Urban Terror has some fresh footage of the alpha that's running on Unreal Engine.

Project Borealis, the fan-game aiming to make a 3rd Half-Life 2 episode now has a Performance Test for Linux

Project Borealis, a fan-game that aims to create the long awaited 3rd episode for Half-Life 2 based on Marc Laidlaw’s Epistle 3 has put out a Performance Test for Linux gamers.

Space sim 'Helium Rain' has left Early Access, code is open source

Helium Rain, the space simulation and strategy game from Deimos Games has left Early Access as a rather impressive game.

Epic Games have rolled out Unreal Engine 4.21 preview, with Linux improvements

A preview version of Unreal Engine 4.21 is now available, with it there's lots of improvements to many areas and it has a few Linux additions too.

Descent: Underground is now just Descent and plans to release next year, new trailer up (updated)

Descendant Studios have teamed up with Little Orbit to bring the new Descent out in full next year, along with a new trailer. ARTICLE UPDATED.

Space sim 'Helium Rain' to leave Early Access next month, along with a major update now available

After over a year in Early Access, the rather good space sim Helium Rain is going to leave Early Access on October 11th.

Looks like Galaxy in Turmoil, an exciting looking free to play shooter will come to Linux

Galaxy in Turmoil is an upcoming shooter that looks promising, with large 32v32 battles that take place both on the ground and in the air. The developers are looking to do a Linux version too.

Lovecraftian horror 'Conarium' now has a Linux version on GOG

Think you're brave? Lovecraftian horror Conarium from Zoetrope Interactive and Iceberg Interactive can now be picked up for Linux on GOG.

SCUM, a very exciting sounding open-world survival game should come to Linux

SCUM, an open world survival game from developer Gamepires (produced by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital) is shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases this year and it seems Linux is in their plans.
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