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Category: Valve
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Valve releases a new update to the Steam Client, nice Linux fixes made it in again

Valve have released a new stable version of the Steam Client today to add new features, improve existing features and catch some pesky bugs flying around.

Dota Underlords gains a prototype Battle Pass in the latest Early Access update

Valve continue to push out some more interesting updates to their auto-battler Dota Underlords, with it now having the first version of their prototype Battle Pass.

Valve has launched "Steam Labs", a place where Valve will show off new experiments

Valve emailed in today to let us know about the new Steam Labs, a dedicated section on Steam for Valve to show off some experiments they're doing and for you to test and break them.

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements

With the Valve Index now out, Valve continue to make quick improvements to SteamVR with the latest Beta now available.

Dota Underlords now has scoreboards and more improvements plus a "Proto-Battle Pass" next week

Valve continue to move at a rapid pace to improve their strategy game Dota Underlords, with the most recent patch adding in some new features that were needed.

Valve may be working on a new version of the Steam Controller

Speculation time: As someone who makes heavy use of their Steam Controller, I will admit that the possibility of a proper second generation has me quite excited.

Valve are asking for help testing "ACO", a new Mesa shader compiler for AMD graphics

Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais mentioned on Twitter, about a new Mesa shader compiler for AMD graphics named "ACO" and they're calling for testers.

Valve have released the CAD files for the Index VR system, enabling some fun modding

Just like Valve did with the Steam Controller, they've gone and released the CAD files for the Index VR system under a Creative Commons license.

Dota 2's prize pool for The International 2019 has surpassed $25 million, breaking previous records

The International 2019 tournament that starts in August just hit a recording-breaking prize pool sum.

A look over the ProtonDB reports for June 2019, over 5.5K games reported to work with Steam Play

ProtonDB, the unofficial website that gathers reports of how games run with Steam Play on Linux has another data-dump available, so here's another monthly run-down of the data for June 2019.

You might be hearing voices in the latest Dota Underlords update and it continues to capture my interest

With the latest update to Dota Underlords now out, Valve continue moving quickly to make it a highly polished gameplay experience.

With the Valve Index about to launch and be delivered, Valve held a little private launch party with speeches

Valve's first in-house virtual reality hardware should be dropping at your door soon, if you were one of the lucky ones to order it quickly in the first batch. Additionally, Gabe Newell and others held speeches at a little launch party.

Valve release an official statement about the future of Linux support, they "remain committed" to Linux gaming

After the recent upset caused by Canonical's plan to drop 32bit support in Ubuntu, then to turn around and change their plan due to the uproar caused by it, Valve now have a full statement out about their future support of Linux gaming.

Dota Underlords continues seeing polish as it passes 200K players online

Seems like Valve really are onto something here, as Dota Underlords recently managed to pass 200K players online at the same time and another update is out now.

Valve looking to drop support for Ubuntu 19.10 and up due to Canonical's 32bit decision (updated)

Things are starting to get messy, after Canonical announced the end of 32bit support from Ubuntu 19.10 onwards, Valve have now responded.
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