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Category: Valve
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Valve show off their new Steam Library design and a new Events page

At GDC today, Valve did their presentation and they finally showed off the new design coming for the Library page and more.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now has much better queue times for Danger Zone

Following on from the tweak to Danger Zone to focus more on duos, Valve are still tweaking their Battle Royale mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as the game as a whole.

SteamOS is alive with a new beta and updated drivers, also a new Steam Client Beta is out

Valve haven't given up on their home-grown Linux distribution yet, with SteamOS seeing another beta update. Additionally, there's another Steam Beta Client update about.

Valve making steps to address 'off-topic review bombs' on Steam

In a blog post today, Valve announced a pretty simple change to the way Steam games get a review score, to help with review bombing.

Valve announces new networking APIs for developers and Steam Link Anywhere

Valve is getting ahead of the game with GDC fast approaching, with two bits of Steam news coming in hot today.

Valve's card game Artifact has lost almost all players and designer Richard Garfield has left

Not everything Valve does hits the right spot and it seems the final few nails of Artifact's coffin are being hammered in.

Valve tweaks Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Danger Zone to be focused more on duos

Valve are continuing to tweak Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Danger Zone, the Battle Royale mode they added back in December last year.

Valve is getting back to focusing on gaming, with non-gaming videos being retired

A move that isn't entirely surprising due to how limited it was, Valve is moving back to focus on gaming more than anything else with non-gaming videos being retired.

The number of Linux gamers on Steam continues to grow, according to Valve

Recently, Engadget wrote an article about Linux gaming and apart from a bit of a silly title and information regular GOL readers will be aware of, they did have some interesting info from Valve.

The first Steam Play update for this year is out with Proton 3.16-7 beta

Valve have pushed out a Steam Play beta update with Proton 3.16-7 now available for testing. Lots of fixes!

Apparently Valve are working with Easy Anti-Cheat to get support in Steam Play (updated: yup)

Treat this with a pinch of salt since we've been unable to confirm it, Valve and Easy Anti-Cheat are apparently working to get it supported with Steam Play.

Six years ago today, Steam was released for Linux - Happy Birthday

Happy official birthday to the Steam client for Linux, today marks six years since it released for everyone.

Suffered crashes in CS:GO Danger Zone? They should now be fixed on Linux

Valve has finally fixed the issue in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Danger Zone crashing for Linux gamers.

Looks like Easy Anti-Cheat strikes again with Steam Play, Paladins is no longer playable on Linux

Just like what happened with Darwin Project only recently, it seems Paladins is no longer playable on Linux with Steam Play.

New stable Steam client update is out opening the door a little wider for Steam Play on Linux

Valve have pushed out their recent beta updates to the Steam client for everyone now, this does include the option to force Steam Play on shortcuts you've added for games outside of Steam.
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