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Category: Visual Novel
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CHROMATOSE, an RPG and Visual Novel hybrid has been fully funded and heading to Linux

With a style inspired by the likes of Catherine and Persona 3, CHROMATOSE fuses together RPG and Visual Novel gameplay.

Cold Hearts, a visual novel about dating household appliances is real and heading to Linux

This could win my "weirdest game of 2019" award quite easily, as Cold Hearts is a visual novel that seems to be about dating your refrigerator.

Need a little something for Valentine's Day? Arcade Spirits is a pretty good choice

Regular readers might be a little confused, since I'm actually writing about a Visual Novel that I actually played despite them not usually being something I usually enjoy. Arcade Spirits actually won me over.

Electric Sleep could be interesting, a pixel-art Visual Novel releasing this month

While most Visual Novels tend to focus on some kind of drama and romance, Electric Sleep looks completely different.

Get your Visual Novel fix as 'Kindred Spirits on the Roof' and the DLC is now on GOG for Linux

While Kindred Spirits on the Roof might not be new, it was missing the Linux version on GOG which has released today along with the 'Full Chorus' DLC.

Up for a little reading? GOG have released another round of Visual Novels

Your friendly neighbourhood DRM free store GOG has another varied selection of Visual Novels now available with Linux support.

GOG adds a bunch of new visual novels to their store

For those of you who love your visual novels, head on over to GOG as they have some new goodies for you. One of them only just recently got Linux support too.

Red Embrace: Hollywood is a Visual Novel that will take you through life as a Vampire

While not usually a fan of many Visual Novels, Red Embrace: Hollywood really does sound quite interesting. Set in 1996 in Los Angeles, you are a newly created Vampire who has to find their place in the world.

GOG added two more Visual Novels with Linux support, Highway Blossoms and A Kiss For The Petals

For those who love Visual Novels, you might want to know that GOG have expanded their collection a little again recently.

GOG added another Visual Novel today with Shining Song Starnova, not currently on Steam

For those into your Visual Novels, you're in luck as Shining Song Starnova released today on GOG while the developer works on a release with Valve.

GOG add another Visual Novel with 'A Kiss For The Petals - Remembering How We Met'

GOG are continuing to boost their library of Visual Novels with today's release of A Kiss For The Petals - Remembering How We Met with Linux support.

Visual novel 'Higurashi When They Cry Hou' part 6 is now out

Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.6 Tsumihoroboshi recently released as the sixth chapter in the series and they all have Linux support.

Planet Stronghold 2 brings more RPG & Visual Novel blending, will support Linux again

For those who love your Visual Novels and want something a little extra, Planet Stronghold 2 with RPG elements along with map exploration might be a good fit.

Changeover: Decisions looks like an interesting mix of a platformer, visual novel and horror elements

Changeover: Decisions caught my eye recently as a new release on Steam. It contains elements of a platformer, a visual novel and horror to create a bit of a weird mix.

I hope you like Anime & Manga styled games, as GOG just added 10 with Linux support

You like Visual Novels, Anime and Manga right? Good, as GOG just added 10 that support Linux to their store.
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