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Dominions 5 announced with Day-1 Linux support

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Dominions 5 [Official Site], the latest iteration of the popular fantasy strategy game has been announced, it will have Linux support as usual.

One of the biggest changes is perhaps the combat system. All units now perform their actions simultaneously in real time, resulting in battles that are faster and who reaches who first isn't so important. Units will reach eachother at the same time, with it being random on who gets to attack first. The battles are still fully automatic, so you can still kick back and watch the madness unfold.

It will be interesting to see how people feel about such a big difference in the combat system.

There's various new mechanics for units too, like shields that can be damaged and broken. This makes you army setup more important than ever, since using shields to counter large axes might not be the best idea.

The developers say it's close to being finished and it will be released simultaneously on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. They are planning for a November Steam release.

New feature highlight:

  • New movement system
  • Real time combat
  • Per unit combat logs
  • Updated user interface with information more clearly presented than before
  • New 3d-engine with better looking terrain, huge performance increase for good graphics cards
  • New random maps with bridges and better looking terrains
  • + more!

They say there's plenty to show off since Dominions 4 that they haven't mentioned yet, so it's worth checking their new page for it.

Thanks for the tip ysblokje!

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Colombo 13 September 2017 at 5:17 am UTC
There is singleplayer and it still can be fun. However, fun in different way.

Dominions are really complex game. There are over 1000 spells, each faction have dozen of different unit types, dozen of different commander units and there are also plenty of neutral commanders/mages.

However, you don't just pick faction, you design your pretender god as well. You can pick some mythological monster, titan or even one of the human mages that tries to became a god. You can even play as statue or pillar that became "alive" after people started believing in it. For every faction, you have choice of around 30-40 gods. Each god has different properties and different magicpaths, by increasing magicpaths, you can get "bless", such as more HP, magic weapons, regeneration or damage reversal, on your "sacred" units. Additional to god and magic paths, you are taking "scales", which are global bonuses to nation (i.e., more resources for which you buy units, gold for which you buy everything, magic scale that makes your mages research better...). You have huge amount of choice and a lot of choices can be quite bad for some nations, while good for other nations. A lot of choices make some strategies better, while other worse.

For example, with a good expander, you can expand your starting provinces having more money. You can snowball from this.
With a good scales, every province that you will get will give you more money. Although you will have less provinces than expander, you will have much stronger late game.
With a good bless, you can make your sacred units (if your faction have a good ones) into killing machines, killing much more gold-worth of units or even mages. Although later you might be a bit weaker, after enemy has time to find particular spell and strategy to counter this, you might be able to destroy several enemies with your uber sacred troops, get their land, get their capital cities (which brings a lot of gold) and try to snowball from there.

AI doesn't understand any of this.

Now, as I said, there are dozens of units for each faction. The problem is, that some are good, some are medicore and some are situational (but in that situation, they are good) and counter particular strategy. AI doesn't understand this.

There are over 1000 spells. As with units (or even more so), you can build strategy around 10, 20 are very good, but expensive, 50 are good in specific synergy... rest are situational, but situational in the sense that they can counter specific strategy, or they are good thing to cast for specific type of mages (i.e., low path) or when you are doing certain research path... and a lot of them are also bad. And AI doesn't understand this either.

So while MP is usually around counters, anti-counters, trying to screw around other player, predicts what he would do and create anti-strategy to his moves...

SP is usually playing with your nation and trying various stuff that screws AI hordes of units. You can play much more inefficiently. Doing stuff that you like, testing strategies and trying to find something new. But its different game than against players.
denyasis 18 September 2017 at 1:56 am UTC
Will definitely buy this. Each game is more evolutionary than revolutionary, but its great fun. As to above, I've only played single player and its a blast. I haven't even gotten to the mods yet as there is so much content and stuff to do in game.

I hope for 5, they helped with some of the more tedious micro, Some form of Rally point system would be awesome.
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