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Football Manager 2019 announced and sadly it's not coming to Linux

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We will start the day with a bit of sad news, as the latest version of the popular Football Manager series Football Manager 2019 is not coming to Linux.

Announced today, Football Manager 2019 is only listing Windows and Mac on Steam. A user on Twitter reached out about the missing Linux version, to which the director of Football Manager simply replied that it was correct.

We followed up to ask why that is and the reply was this:

cost/benefit analysis. It unfortunately wasn't selling enough on Linux to cover the QA costs, let alone the dev cost. :(

Sports Interactive first put the game on Linux back in November 2013, which was considered a really good thing for Linux gamers considering how popular the title is. Looking at the 2018 edition, right now it has over thirty thousand people playing it (the peak today being nearly double that), so to have a game as popular as that no longer support Linux is a bit of a loss.

If it's not selling enough as they say to cover the costs, then you can't really argue against that. It sadly doesn't make sense for all games, even if they're popular on one platform they won't always be on another.

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dhellion 20 August 2018 at 5:51 pm UTC
I think our Linux gaming community cant yet absorb an annual franchise delivery.

I'm from South America but i dont like football videogames, surprisingly. I could buy them to support Linux videogame effort. But, if i bought FM18, why will i buy FM19? Nop. Too much.

There should be small communities of Linux gamers around franchises, as there may be in Windows, to absorb that frecuency. How could we achieve that? Simple math, more gamers.

I personally know that there are many people who dont know that (or dont know how to) Linux could be use for gaming.

What could we do? I supose that one or more of these things: Be supportive and nicer with devs that release linux games. Popularize this site and the like. Think viral, viralize, viracum, all with vira*. Be nicer with linux noobs in general. Other things included...
slaapliedje 20 August 2018 at 11:46 pm UTC
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I don't know if Trine meets your croteria for a franchise, but all 3 of the trilogy is for Linux. Damn fun I might add.
dhellion 21 August 2018 at 7:41 pm UTC
slaapliedjeI don't know if Trine meets your croteria for a franchise, but all 3 of the trilogy is for Linux. Damn fun I might add.

I have Trine 2. Its good. If Trine 4 then 5 and so on are released, it could be the kind of franchise that I'm referring to.
joaojotta 22 August 2018 at 1:40 pm UTC
Honestly I don’t really like anual franchise releases at those prices.
Again: I didn’t buy FM2018 because of the price and I would continue not buying it because of it.
Same goes for NBA2K17. I’m not buying 18 because of the price for a 1 year game.
If the company were to update the teams I’d be happy to buy every two years or so. Under this model, no way!
I almost bought FM2018 when the price dropped but then I thought: what for? 2019 is almost here and then I’m stuck with an old game for nothing.
SZJX 10 October 2018 at 8:26 pm UTC
I've been playing CM/FM for more than 10 years and I always dualboot Windows for games anyways. When I'm on Linux I want to get into a work mindset and have no distractions. This separation has worked decently so far. Previously on Mac I would sometimes boot into games even when I should be doing stuffs, which sucks.

Also IMO FM is really not the biggest "timesink" out there, the reason being that it's unique in allowing you to do a lot of other stuffs at the same time with all the between-match processing, e.g. going over Anki flashcards for learning a new language. The real timesink is repetitive online games, such as DOTA or PES. I played tons of PES Online Division mode and usually remain top 1% by ranking. However I've sold PES 2019 this year already as it takes me a tremendous amount of time and I wouldn't be easily getting anything new out of it, unlike an RPG where I can read the story and learn a foreign language by setting the voiceover/subtitles etc. Unless I can make playing PES into a profession (which I of course still fall short of), I really need to go on with my life.
biggerpa 15 June 2019 at 11:34 pm UTC
I have played football games from the text based days, buying never ending hardware upgrades. Then the split and I followed Sega Football Manager and kept rolling year in year out.

I feel abandoned, to read that lack of support by the Linux community, what a joke. What do you think I have been doing, must have been spending monopoly money, I would normally upgrade hardware new Apple Mac but they are no longer up-gradable total waste of money.

FM 2019 means moving to windows which is never going to happen, Microsoft has added Linux to the latest Windows 10, they are heavily invested so what is wrong with the Sega FM team.

They are heading in the wrong direction and loosing support hand over fist as specially now, my addiction is now over as even the IPad app is total xxxxxx. No support, where's my refund for years and years of it?
iiari 16 June 2019 at 1:31 am UTC
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So, I just finished listening to an hour long podcast about Google Stadia and a different show about Stadia, all prominently mentioning its Linux backbone... And about how Sony, EA, etc are all aiming at the Streaming space, and you know Valve has to be working on it too... Everyone is racing to this, and looking back through the last 3 pages of comments, I can't help but think in, say, 5 years from now, a lot of those comments and arguments will seem as relevant as debates over, "What's better? Blockbuster or Hollywood Video?" (sorry for the US-centric reference)

There are already, spanning Linux native, Windows DXVK/Wine, and all the other emulators tens of thousands more games than I would have time to play in 2-3 lifetimes available on Linux. If we think we're a small market now, think of how much smaller that becomes when a game can be played, in 4K streaming, instantaneously on anything with a *browser*, including a *Chromebooks* and Android phones, anywhere on the planet with a decent internet connection...

It's going, to some measure, be successful, and change everything. Microsoft's "big" announcement about streaming gaming was virtually non-existent at E3, as Stadia has sent them scurrying back to the drawing boards.

So, bye-bye native FM, and for now, screw you guys, but likely see ya again on some streaming service, be it Stadia or Valve or whatever in 5 years, because that's where a *lot* of people will be. Pretty soon, even the idea of a Windows version of something will seem like a small, niche market... As long as we make sure these services can be run on Linux, we'll be fine...

Last edited by iiari at 16 June 2019 at 1:36 am UTC
Nevertheless 16 June 2019 at 7:49 am UTC
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Just in case you didn't know: FM19 runs via Proton like a native version.
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