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Humble Indie Bundle 14 Is Out, Outlast & Shadow Warrior New To Linux

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Well, I was writing up both Outlast & Shadow warrior, then I checked my twitter feed and...dayam! Outlast & Shadow warrior are both now on Linux and in the brand new Humble Indie Bundle 14, what a day!

There goes ALL my time tonight! Of course they all have DRM free builds as well, so we can all get in on the fun.

The Games
Pixel Piracy
Super Splatters

Pay $10 or more to unlock!
Shadow Warrior Special Edition - Steam currently claims it's not on Linux for me, so it hasn't reached all of their networks yet.

Pay more than the average of $5.49 to unlock!
Torchlight II

More games coming soon!

Looks like Humble are back on form this time! Amazing bundle!

Check out Humble Indie Bundle 14 here.

Outlast Performance
Since this is a new port I decided that rather than spam out lots of articles, to keep it here.

Setting everything to Very High gives me a near solid 60FPS. Not sure if turning VSYNC off actually works, as my maximum FPS never went over 62FPS. I know VSYNC is usually 60FPS, but I just find 62 odd.

As I begin to play all that's going through my mind is "please be buggy, please don't make me play this!". Sadly, to my despair everything works really, really smoothly.

As I continue through the Asylum everything is working as expected, and the visuals really are quite good. Also, please don't make me crawl through that bloodied air vent :(.

I proceed to push a door and...nope, just nope. I jumped in my chair. Do not want.

it seems the port has some graphical glitches. We are uncertain how common they are, but so far they are not game-breaking. We will update you when we know more, or when we can force ourselves to play some more, it's bloody scary.

Shadow Warrior Performance
I downloaded the DRM free build since it isn't on Steam yet, and there are a few issues with the game.

On a dual monitor it stretches across both and positions itself in the middle, which is highly annoying. Full screen seems to lock all input, so I was unable to alt+tab. Luckily, I did manage to get it to work fully in Windowed mode!
This doesn't happen on the Steam version, I can alt+tab and fullscreen just fine.

I can't quite put my finger on what's going on with the graphics, but even on Ultra it looks nothing close to the fidelity shown on the Steam store.
A developer responded saying Linux is missing graphical features that are being worked on.

Performance is perfect though, I'm getting over 100FPS a lot!

Torchlight II
We already did a port report on that here.

Seems to work just fine in my testing, gives me a solid 60FPS and the gameplay is very smooth.

I haven't played too much of it, just the tutorial, and everything worked as expected. Article taken from
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N30N 31 Mar, 2015
The Shadow Warrior: Special Edition steam key includes: [Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior]( Unfortunately this title doesn't appear to be getting Linux support.
seven 31 Mar, 2015
shadow warrior has missing executable, we will just have to wait.
AsavarTzeth 31 Mar, 2015
I donated a whooping 70$ and did enter GamingOnLinuxFan as name for top 20. Unfortunately it says 70$ Anonymous on the top of their list; I was sure I had unblocked all those pubnub javascripts. Oh well, I raised the Linux Average at least
Liam Dawe 31 Mar, 2015
Updated with Shadow Warrior thoughts after the Stream I did just now.
abelthorne 31 Mar, 2015
La-Mulana doesn't seem to be on Steam yet (no data installed).
Keizgon 31 Mar, 2015
abelthorneLa-Mulana doesn't seem to be on Steam yet (no data installed).

Opt into the beta version. The build seems to be fully working for me.
TheReaperUK 31 Mar, 2015
Outlast working great, Shadow Warrior in steam list but downloads nothing at the moment, Have also noticed the "Pineview Drive" is now on my steam list and has downloaded and works ok to woo hoo.

UPDATE: Shadow Warrior is downloading on steam right now 6.0gb.
nyanloutre 31 Mar, 2015
For me Outlast doesn't have good FPS in fullscreen with 1600*900 but in 1024*768 it go to 60FPS, seem to be a bug. In pixel piracy I can't play a campaing, I got instant Game Over. The other games works great !
faceless 31 Mar, 2015
reyame 31 Mar, 2015
Outlast running at 20-30 fps so far for me. not really sure if it gets worse since i quit within the first 10 mins. no way in hell am i playing that game at night.
Outlast Settings
Res 1024 x 728
Graphics Low

Sadly cant say the same for Bioshock Infinite missing textures and character models shading is off. Im guessing my APU cant handle it and its time to buy a video card or the AMD driver for my APU model blows

Ubuntu 14.04
AMD APU A4 5300 (Catalyst 14.501)
Ram 4 GB
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