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Since Steam has relaxed their content policy lately, Meltys Quest has not only become fully uncensored it also now has a Linux version so you can go about and do the naughty.

Meltys Quest is about the journey our protagonist, Princess Meltys takes to restore her kingdom. Meltys is a girl who has fooled around all her life, not giving a hoot about anything but herself. But one day the Grolido Monster Empire invades her country, destroys her home, and kidnaps her three sisters. With no castle and no one else to call for help, Meltys decides,

"Well, I'll like somehow fix everything!"

Please warmly watch over Meltys and guide her on this light-hearted, sometimes comical, and sometimes serious, but always erotic, quest to rescue her family and restore her kingdom.

The Linux version actually arrived back in September, although we missed it since it's not really the type of game I tend to follow. Only three days before this, the developer put up a patch that removed censoring with no external mods needed so you can see cartoon sex in all it's, uh, glory? It features, you guessed it—sex. A lot of sex too, so much sex I can't believe how many times the word sex will be in this article.

Far too many jokes have entered my head after seeing the above.

Have a look at the official "feature" list to see what I mean:

  • Over 60 sex scenes with over 80 different wide screen CGs for a total of over 800 CGs!
  • Over 20 costumes for Meltys to dress up in!
  • Multiple endings!
  • New Game Plus!
  • Plot!
  • Plots!

I'm not quite sure, but I think the game has sex and possibly a plot somewhere. Hilariously, I had a look over some of the user "reviews" and one of them certainly caught my attention with "too much gameplay between the sex".

Find it on Steam.

I'm only covering this as it was emailed in, it's really not my cup.

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Furyspark 6 Nov, 2018
slaapliedje 6 Nov, 2018
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  • Supporter Plus
EhvisSo basically Knights of Xentar all over again.
Ha, that was the name of that game! I actually thought it was a decent RPG with sex elements. Granted it's not like Gerald doesn't get laid in the Witcher series...
elmapul 6 Nov, 2018
Tchey 6 Nov, 2018
Well, i am soooo not into sex with children with huge plastic boobs, i really don't understand the appeal for those games.
PieOrCake 6 Nov, 2018
I like breasts as much as the next heterosexual guy (or homosexual girl), but why must they be bigger than the character's head?
Power-Metal-Games 6 Nov, 2018
It's really strange how people are reacting to a game with some sexual drawings.
Purple Library Guy 6 Nov, 2018
QuoteWe've got sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, baked beans, sex, sex, sex and sex.

QuoteI'll have the sex, please.

Bloody Vikings!
Arehandoro 6 Nov, 2018
QuoteWe've got sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, baked beans, sex, sex, sex and sex.

QuoteI'll have the sex, please.

I'll have the baked beans please. Not that I like them better but they happen more often.
Dedale 6 Nov, 2018
melkemindCan someone make a single game in their library private so no one knows they're playing? Asking for a friend.

I had trouble clicking the "like" button while laughing. :D

PieOrCakeI like breasts as much as the next heterosexual guy (or homosexual girl), but why must they be bigger than the character's head?

I often wonder.

Edit: watched a trailer but you wouldn't believe there are other ladies with even more monstrous udders. To each his own i guess but why so often ?

Long time ago, i did play "cobra mission". A moderately interesting "RPG" Where you have to beat muchos enemies then the boss for the happy ending to happen. Not a lot of sex in it but little i knew that while i heard no sound in my headphones, there were sometimes Japanese hentai style moans going out loud trough that good old PC speaker...

Old DOS game which did not know enough about sound cards. (Or i may just have flubzed in the options)

Last edited by Dedale on 6 November 2018 at 1:14 pm UTC
Tchey 6 Nov, 2018
GuestNo need to be judgemental little bitch because you don't like the art style, not like hentai fans are immature enough to be dissing you for watching gay porn... (And the tits in this game look perfectly soft and jiggly anyway)

Maybe you just want Mature Quest to complement your mature tastes? (That game's actually great...)

Or maybe those hideous 3D porn games are more your thing then? Everyone has their niche.

Well, if a like mature or gay porn it's not really an issue, as long as actors are on age and have an agreement. Unless you have an issue with non-heterosexual people.

I didn't judge you, nor insult you, i only said i don't understand the appeal for these games. And the characters ARE childish with huge boobs, it's not a judgement neither, it's a anatomic fact.

As porn game, i enjoyed Metropolis Lux Obscura, a Match3 game, and TripleXTycoon too but the development is super slow.

Last edited by Tchey on 6 November 2018 at 3:03 pm UTC
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