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We speculated on it recently and it's pleasing to see that we were right. The new Unreal Tournament is real and it's coming to Linux. It will be using their latest engine thankfully, so the Linux support should be in good shape by the time it's playable.

Confirmed on #unrealdev @Twitch stream:
Unreal Tournament development starts today. PC, Mac, Linux.
Free. Not F2P, just free.

Unreal Engine (@UnrealEngine) May 8, 2014

They have now confirmed the name is just "Unreal Tournament". Nice and simple, but it means the original would now need to be called UT99.

After the failure to release Unreal Tournament 3 which was ported by Icculus, this is truly fantastic news. It also goes to show how they also believe in Linux to release their engine and new flagship game on Linux.

They want to involve the community in it as much as possible and see what people want from it. They have asked you to go to their forum and let rip on what you want.

Speaking on cost they said it themselves that it will be free. It's not "free 2 play", it's just 100% free (and no I don't mean open-source). That's absolutely crazy to have a game as high calibre as Unreal Tournament being free.

They mentioned they will start with Deathmatch and that the game has only started today, so it's a long way off.

I imagine they will be using it as a form of demo of what their engine can do. They have a lot of competition now with Unity3D and CryEngine.

It sounds like they are doing a Valve and enabling anyone to put weapons, skins, maps, total conversions and more for free or for a price. So, they will have their own marketplace for modders. Epic will get a cut of any sales made in the marketplace to pay for the game.

Blog Post:
Live on twitch:

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Sslaxx May 8, 2014
Ummm, is there any link to this announcement?
Hamish May 8, 2014
So basically this should be called Unreal Tournament: Team Fortress 2. :P
Sabun May 8, 2014
QuoteUmmm, is there any link to this announcement?

QuoteSpeaking on cost they said it themselves that it will be free, it's not even close to being ready yet. It's not free 2 play, it's just 100% free. That's absolutely crazy.

I don't understand. Free as in free from all aspects? No monetary cost and open source? I was all ready to start saving money, but now I'm just confused haha!
DrMcCoy May 8, 2014
Quoting: SabunFree as in free from all aspects?

Naw, probably just free as in beer (gratis), not free as in freedom (libre).

Quoting: EpicAll code and content will be available live to UE4 developers on GitHub

(Bold mine)
That basically already says that the code will only be open for people who pay for a UE4 license, and won't be put under a FLOSS license.
Deco May 8, 2014
If you have an Unreal Engine 4 subscription you can access the live Github fork:
crackhash May 8, 2014
Awesome news. Let's hope they don't take long times to give the game a playable state.
Liam Dawe May 8, 2014
No it's not open source as pointed out, if something is open source I always mention it. Whenever I say free I am talking cost.

Also post updated to include the official tweet on it.
Bart May 8, 2014
Don't care about the license is it open or not. Nobody cares about DOTA 2 license yet it's free game and on Linux. Good news!
fedso May 8, 2014
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This is awesome news!! And by the 2000+ posts on their forum in about 5 hours I'd say that there is "some" interest ;)
philip550c May 9, 2014
It sounds to me like they want SteamOS to be popular. If you buy a SteamMachine you get the new unreal tournament out of the box.
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The comments on this article are closed.