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Linux_Rocks Aug 25
I just realized that I didn't do this yet. But anyways, I'm Linux_Rocks, and my irl name is Ken. I'm from Detroit MI in the US, and I've used Linux since around 2000 or so. (Thanks TechTV and The Screensavers.) My first distro was Mandrake 8.1 Standard that I bought at Staples iirc. I then bought Mandrake 8.2 Pro there after that came out for the extra software that you got in that version. I was (unfortunately) still on dial-up at the time, and that was the easiest way for me to get Linux back then. Plus it helped fund the distro too. It used KDE, and I remember ditching Konqueror for Mozilla. (I miss Chatzilla as well.) lol

I currently run Linux Mint as my main OS, and also tri-boot between Windows 11 and GhostBSD (Xfce) too. But on one machine back in the day I quad-booted Mandriva (KDE), Windows 2000, FreeDOS (with OpenGEM), and FreeBSD (GNOME). XD

Last edited by Linux_Rocks on 25 August 2023 at 1:18 pm UTC
nwildner Aug 27
Sup Folks.

I'm Nícolas, a Brazilian lost in Ireland, Secure Boot and Linux on Laptops enthusiast, passive reader on Gaming On Linux since it's launch and currently got the courage to create an account to interact more :) .

Did some translations in the past (Veloren, Recalbox blogs and EmulationStation Frontend, Rust game, etc...) since coding is not one of my skills although I can handle some "csope" to understand some C code, apply and read patches and developed simple scripts in Python and Perl.

Working with mixed environments(Win + Linux) on IT since 2002, and had the pleasure to work full time Linux job at Red Hat support and interact with such cool folks like GloriousEggroll. Sometimes life comes with an opportunity and I had to leave my former country and Red Hat, letting it go the idea of getting retired working on that job.

Felt into the trap of studying and working with Kubernetes on my new job and it is being quite a ride.

As a guy on its mid-life, the only advice I have is: Some opportunities like this one of changing countries are unique and it is better to try and fail than become a grumpy guy that regrets not giving it a shot.

Last edited by nwildner on 28 August 2023 at 9:12 am UTC

I haven't actually switched to Linux gaming yet. I'm still using Windows for gaming at the moment. I've joined here because I'm considering it and am looking for more information about it. I am using Arch Linux with MATE on my laptop though. And I've been using Linux, primarily Ubuntu, Debian, and Arch, for a little over 15 years.

Pengling Nov 19
Quoting: Bilskirnir3124I've joined here because I'm considering it and am looking for more information about it.
Hey and welcome! I saw your thread, but don't have the knowledge to contribute there (I'm a portables user, so set targets and no oddball hardware is the norm for my Linux use), so I'll just give you a welcome here. I hope that you're able to sort it all out!
dale91 3 days ago
Hi, I am Dale, I am new, I am happy to be here!
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