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Gaming On Windows 10 ??
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kalin 1 Apr, 2016

Is this some kind of joke or the website is attacked ?

Shmerl 1 Apr, 2016

1st of April ;)

Hamish 1 Apr, 2016

At least where Liam is I am guessing.

Kimyrielle 1 Apr, 2016

You're a couple hours early, you European!

lucifertdark 1 Apr, 2016

My first reaction seeing that was "What the Hell?" then I remembered it's April 1st, you caught me out Liam, the subtle ones are always the ones that work best. hahahaha :D

BdMdesigN 1 Apr, 2016

loooooool ^^

I heard today Microsoft will publish all the source code as open source under the GPL, including the Windows code.

mao_dze_dun 1 Apr, 2016

Hah, got me. I was just about to ask if the site has been defaced or something :D

libgradev 1 Apr, 2016

Liam's accepted a buyout offer from Microsoft.

Cimeryd 1 Apr, 2016

libgradevLiam's accepted a buyout offer from Microsoft.

I was a Mac user when they bought out Bungie. Halo went from Mac exclusive to Mac/Windows same day launch, to Xbox exclusive with a delayed Windows version and more delayed Mac version.

Imagine them buying this site.

Stupendous Man 1 Apr, 2016

Yes! Finally this site got relevant to me!

I mean, who in their right mind would ever want to game on a system called "Lunix" made by some communist hippie from a third world country? The first time I tried to use it I thought the whole computer had frozen as I didn't get any popup asking me to update to Windows 10 like I usually (constantly) do. Very weird. It's like the system didn't want to distract me or something. Broken cr*p!

libgradevLiam's accepted a buyout offer from Microsoft.
About time, too!

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