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Luke_Nukem Nov 24, 2016
To get a handle on Rust I've been cranking on a Game of Life sim using rust-sdl2.

So far it's been a good playground for trying out a lot of different ideas. Rust isn't the easiest language to write a... lets say, dynamic game engine in, what with type restrictions, ownership and borrowing. But it is fun.

So far I've implemented configuration options, a few patterns (working on an in game parser/saver), view panning, colour and size options.


I've taken a small break from this to start working on a game framework of sorts.
Guppy Nov 24, 2016
Quoting: Luke_Nukem[...]

I've taken a small break from this to start working on a game framework of sorts.

A word of advice - don't.

This is the exact trap I tend to fall into when ever I start new projects, after a while you go "well I could really use a tool that ..." and so I spend the next couple of months making something that has little or no visual output.

Even if you do not personally need the reward of easy visualization of your work, your spouse/S.O/loved ones wont be able to fully understand what you've done and sharing your successes is to most people what keeps us going.

When you don't have anyone to share the exhilaration of finally squashing out a bug that's been troubling you, it's easy to get demoralized and loose interest in the project.

Also there are a lot of game frameworks / engines out there, pick one and get started - there is no need to re-invent the wheel. The sooner you shake off the "Not invented here" syndrome the better ;)

Back on topic;

My last few projects were;

- Trying to make Ogre3d be able to cross compile windows binaries from Linux
- Porting MyGui to an engine where the developer gave up on Linux support
- A HTML DAG editor that was ment to serve as a script & behavior editor

Currently I'm just making out assets while I wait for a Unreal og Unity to get actual official Linux support, as the unofficial support usually means I end up debugging their source rather than my own :|
Luke_Nukem Nov 24, 2016
Quoting: Guppy
Quoting: Luke_Nukem[...]

I've taken a small break from this to start working on a game framework of sorts.

A word of advice - don't.

I realise that was in the spirit of good advice, but the assumption that you know where my interests lie irks me. I study Computer Science and Software Engineering, I'm specialising in systems level programming, plus 3d graphics and program architecture and design - I've spent two years churning out visually lacking code with assembly, Java, C, and Haskell (and occasionally python)

So writing a game is an exercise in the design and architecture of all the underlying principles and algorithms. I have zero interest in using someone else's prefab engines for those reasons. A lot of the engineering behind a game engine is what I'll be doing day in, day out as a job. And I don't get to learn Rust, which is my next biggest passion.

My first experience in game development was 12 years ago, with Torque Game Engine which I licensed for the project. Funds went kaput and I ended up working as a welder for 7-8 years.

The point of that long spiel is this; don't try to steer people away from something they're doing, or presume you know what's best for them. What they're doing might be of high interest and relevant to them no matter if it is reinventing the wheel or not. ;)
Encourage them instead of trying to put them off.


How's the ogre3d project coming along? I used that last about 10 years ago, when CrystalSpace AMD Irrilicht were its biggest competitors (open source anyway). Is it still just a rendering engine?

I do wonder when Unreal will get actual official support. Probably it won't until the Linux market grows more:/
Guppy Nov 24, 2016
The thing about advice is you don't have to take it, if you dont want to take advantage of the experience and wisdom of others then by all means feel free to learn the hard way. I too was once young and felt that using code and libraries that others had written was "cheating", after all if Carmack could write Wolfenstein 3D alone then why should I lean on others? ;)

As for Ogre3d it has always been intended to be "just" a 3d engine, and it is indeed still that.
Luke_Nukem Nov 24, 2016
Your advice is condescending and presumptuous, and bad.
Reinvention is how people learn, it's how we get innovation, and it is absolutely fine and a good thing for people to do regardless of whether of not it bares fruit.

Somebody already added modern effects to the Quake engine, just use that version. Somebody already made RAR, just use that. Trying to find a better graphing algorithm is pointless, just use the common ones.

Without reinvention, we would not have the engine or library choices we do. Nor would we have the wealth of choice in Linux software.

If someone is doing something they have an interest in, don't advise them against it. That is rude, and as above, presumptuous.

Mate, I'm old. I've *got* experience. The practice of coding is what interests me and why I will continue to reinvent anything which has an idea I like.
BlackBloodRum Nov 25, 2016
Currently PHP, HTML and JS. Our company website needs a major overhaul to bring it into the modern world so that is currently taking up all my time.

My other time is taken up using Blender to make mods for ATS/ETS2.
Daerandin Dec 4, 2016
Since I am running a very lightweight desktop, no DE just the i3wm with the few programs I need, I decided to create my own battery monitor program to ensure my laptop shuts down if the battery levels drop too low. I didn't want to install any of the larger power programs available, and this seemed like simple little project to practice some simple C in my free time.

It is not a huge or particularly impressive, but for anyone interested it is available on github.
Volraek Dec 4, 2016
Hello guys, this is my first post here, although I'm already reading the forums for some time.

I am the programmer of the mobile game Kiko Loureiro Sounds of Nightmare, a 2d runner with the Megadeth guitarist being the hero, Big Dogs Games second game. Maybe later the game will be launch for Windows, Mac and Linux.

We are using Unity3D and I am the only one suffering with the Linux version lol, it's much more bugged than Windows version unfortunately, but that's ok, hope that Unity 5.6 will be better. :)

For coding I'm using Sublime that, for me, is much better than Monodevelop. For tips on how to get Sublime working with Unity and C# see this article by Jordan Sendar.
Shmerl Dec 5, 2016
Quoting: Luke_NukemTo get a handle on Rust I've been cranking on a Game of Life sim using rust-sdl2.

Nice! Rust is a very promising language. I don't really agree with idea that you shouldn't make your own frameworks / engines. Hack away if you have the time!

Did you see this? https://github.com/tomaka/vulkano
djzk Feb 18, 2017
This day I got a lot of stuff done. It's great to have a vacation :)
I'm working on a cute little game called "Server Room". Manage your server room and become the best tycoon. Companies can be listed on a stock exchange and players can buy shares from opponents receiving profits. Runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS and it's a Pre-Alpha.

Added today:

- Added room temperature value (needed for ventilation and server heat)
- Added server workflow value
- Added power value
- Added new background texture
- Added new interface
- Complete menu overhaul
- Bug fixes

The game currently has no release date.
neocron Feb 18, 2017
Nice concept, looking forward to the first release.
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