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Hamish Feb 23, 2013
Well, with a new forum comes the need for a new desktop screenshot thread, and since I have not posted one since December, here is my current entry for February:

As you can see, I am now running Arch Linux on my machine rather than Fedora. I recently got the hardware in my computer almost completely replaced (my old stuff being given instead to our HTPC), with me getting myself a new motherboard, a new quad-core cpu, and of course a new stick of memory, and as Fedora 16 had by then finally reached it's end of life I seriously needed to get my machine upgraded to something new.

If anyone is interested, here are my up to date specs:
QuoteDistribution: Arch Linux
Graphics Driver: R600 Gallium3D Driver
Desktop Environment: Xfce with composting
Motherboard: MSI 760GM-E51(FX)
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE 3.2 Ghz
Video Card: Diamond AMD Radeon HD 4670
Memory: 4 Gigabytes DDR3 PC10666, 1333 MHz
Hard Drive: 2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green
Fedora 18 was not accepting my Zaphod Head configuration for some reason, and since I got my two terabyte drive copying all the files off of it for a clean install has been an utter pain (I know I could in theory just wipe the root partition, but I would still want to have my files backed up in case something went wrong anyway) so I decided it might be time for me to give a rolling release distribution a try. Since I had already been consulting it's Wiki for years, I settled on Arch. I still like Fedora of course and I am still going to end up using it quite a bit on my network's other machines, but so far Arch is working out well for me, even if I spent the first few days meticulously setting it up to act almost exactly like one of my Fedora machines would (which is all part of the fun of Arch of course).

I am especially enjoying all of the video game source ports I can grab from AUR; all of the application icons on the top of my screen are for things I have grabbed and built from AUR. I have been playing with Doomsday again for instance, which I have not touched since back when I was forced to use Windows XP almost a decade ago, so it is fun to see it in action again. I also have Chocolate Doom installed as well for when I am feeling a little more conservative, as well as the standard selections of darkplaces, yamagi, and ioquake3 for the various Quake titles. WINE is also working a lot better for me now with Arch, giving me working sound and allowing me to play through Blood II again now that is actually running through Direct3D at a decent performance. Several native titles are also running better, especially Trine 2 which now seems to fly on my box, much to my surprise. Even Dosbox is enjoying being able to utilize all four of my cores properly.

So, thumbs up and smiles all round. ^_^
Liam Dawe Feb 24, 2013
Well here's my current one, Cinnamon on Ubuntu 12.10 64bit same setup i've had for about a month. Hoping I don't have many issues on the upgrade to 13.04 when it's out. Looking forward to trying the newest Unity and Cinnamon :D

Hamish Feb 24, 2013
When it comes to desktops Xfce 4.10 has been running great for me, so the upgrade has been worth it for that alone. The icons do indeed keep their proper position upon resolution changes now, and the mouse no longer gets confused between my two screens anymore like what used to happen with 4.8. Thunar now having tabs is also a godsend, although I have been having to force myself to get back to using them after going without for so long. I now only have a few remaining bugs left to whinge about. ;)
Hamish Mar 3, 2013
Here is my desktop screenshot for March:

The art on the second screen is a legitimate work from Blood artist Kevin Kilstrom:

My primary monitor is showing this:

Other changes include some new launchers and my Blood games getting new icons. Titles I have grabbed through the AUR are on the top of the screen, games I am running through Dosbox or WINE at the bottom left, and other commercial native titles are on the bottom right. Any games I have installed through Desura I launch through it's client.
Mar 5, 2013
Well I always feel like my desktop looks naked compared to other peoples, but I just don't like desktop icons / lots of menus etc.


For those wondering, I use "dmenu_run" (part of dmenu) to open persistent stuff like firefox, pidgin etc and then I use "guake" as my primary terminal, with LilyTerm as a fallback (for use like in this screenshot!) to run non persistent stuff like games.
Hamish Mar 5, 2013
Whatever floats your boat is what is best edgley. Don't feel modest. ;)
Mar 5, 2013
Quoting: HamishWhatever floats your boat is what is best edgley. Don't feel modest.

Which is why running a Linux box is soooo much nicer than Windows. The level of customisability is fantastic!
Levi Mar 6, 2013
What to say, Haven't really been into this screenshot your desktop. Since my desktop stays the same for months on end. But what the hell, let's try this thing!

I'm not a total fan of the 'clean desktop' camp. But it works and have adapted to just dumping all my stuff into 'Home' :)

Click to enlarge]( on 2013-03-06 17%3a40%3a58.png)

Specs aren't really anything to write home about:

Ubuntu Linux, the Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) release.
     (Elementary os Luna actually, but it has a split personality)
Kernel version: 3.2.0-38-generic (#61-Ubuntu SMP Tue Feb 19 12:18:21 UTC 2013)
AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor @ 1.8GHz
Total memory: 3954 MB
NVIDIA Corporation GeForce 9800 GT 1Gb  ( Running on the 310.32 driver )
Mar 6, 2013
Oh another Digital Ocean user? :)

I also use my home folder for my "stuff", I'm a bit OCD with things like that, which is why it annoys me when applications don't use .config or .local for settings :P
Hamish Apr 3, 2013
So here is my entry for April:

More Red Dwarf X wallpapers as I just recently got ahold of the DVD. It does irritate me though that a television series that was shot with 4K cameras main internet presence consists of primarily low-resolution JPEG images. In the end I went and made the wallpaper for my second head by taking my own snapshot of the title sequence, as I was not satisfied with most of the existing shots that are currently available.
Liam Dawe Apr 17, 2013
Here's my April entry featuring a Starbound background!
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