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Logitech Unifying Receiver
g000h 19 Jan, 2018

Rage Post...

Just been looking at the Logitech Unifying Receiver USB dongle that comes with Logitech Wireless Keyboards, Wireless Mice, and similar. I didn't know this before, but they are reprogrammable by the end-user. You just need a bit of Logitech software to do it.

The Unifying Receiver Program software is available for:

Windows (practically all versions going back to XP, maybe earlier)
Mac OS X

But not for Linux. What the fscking hell!!!!

Feel free to post to Logitech asking them to support Linux properly. Noting that they expect you to sign up an account with them, so that you can use their contact form.

nIQnutn 19 Jan, 2018

you can check solaar
better than nothing

Shame on Logitech

g000h 19 Jan, 2018

Quoting: nIQnutnyou can check solaar
better than nothing

Shame on Logitech

Thanks for the Solaar link. As usual, the good guys (developers in the Linux community) reverse engineer the proprietary hardware so that Linux end users can still use the tech, *despite* lack of support from the hardware manufacturers.

iiari 19 Jan, 2018

And it works very well. I have 3 Logitech devices on the same dongle thanks to Solaar (each came with their own dongle). Ubuntu once offered to "update" the Logitech driver and I accepted, and I still to this day have no idea what it did but it bricked a keyboard, but aside from that oddity, it's been great and convenient and has locked me in as a Logitech customer.

tonR 19 Jan, 2018

You also can find it on Synaptic (I don't know Debian have Synaptic). Just FYI that Solaar's battery indicator only got 3:
90% (battery have charge)
10%-20% (battery have charge but need to roll) and
5% (battery nearly empty, please change).

Don't trust other percentage reading.:D

Source: Me

calfret 2 Feb, 2018

I did not have to create an account on Logitech to voice my concern. I sent a "question" to support:

"I run Linux. I am rather fond of your products and would truly appreciate it if Logitech would open up support for their products to Linux. Sure, there are alternatives. There are other companies that support the Linux market share. However, I have been using Logitech since the days of purchasing separate sound cards for our 2x86 machines. I notice your Bridge adapter for the Vive Tracker. Very well done. Vive, developed by Valve, is pushing over to Linux soon as discussed by Keith Packard at LinuxConfAU 2 weeks ago. So, my question to Logitech Support is this: When I start dumping money into buying all new peripherals to enhance my Vive experience will Logitech receive my revenue, or will one of your competitors?"

There are several posts on the support forum by users expressing a desire for Linux support. Perhaps when enough voices express their interest the company will add Linux support. Perhaps not. But it doesn't hurt to try, yes?

MaCroX95 2 Feb, 2018

To be honest Logitech has a terrible support for Windows already xD

I had to define my F710 controller on friend's Win10 PC as "Xbox 360 controller" in order to be recognized correctly, whereas on Linux it works out of the box...

Also as far as I know Chrome OS has smaller marketshare than Linux does, so this might as well be purely them hating Linux, not the marketshare concern...

stretch611 2 Feb, 2018

Quoting: MaCroX95Also as far as I know Chrome OS has smaller marketshare than Linux does, so this might as well be purely them hating Linux, not the marketshare concern...

It may also just be a case of Google creating the drivers on their own or paying logitech to make them for Chrome.

slaapliedje 3 Feb, 2018

True story: I have an adapter and use the Logitech T650 on my Atari Falcon, but wanted to test out my Performance MX mouse on it too. So I unplugged the unifying receiver from the adapter, plugged it into my Linux box, connected it to the mouse, then plugged it back into my Falcon and it worked fine.

Solaar rules. Though to be fair, I switched to Roccat a while back and mostly just buy their stuff that is compatible with Linux. Too bad the guy that supported it for so long decided to stop.

calfret 3 Feb, 2018

And here is the response I received:

QuoteDear Calfret,

AS of right now all are devices are plug and play, as for direct compatibility with linux there are no plans to make them completely supported anytime soon.

For future reference your case reference number is XXXXXXXX. This will allow us to quickly find the contact history when you need additional help. If we do not receive a reply, your support request will eventually be closed and set to "solved". A survey will be sent to you to gather your feedback.

To contact us by phone or obtain additional information (FAQ's, Forum, Manuals, etc.) please visit

Best regards,

Logitech Customer Care

Well, we can't say the response was different than expected. I still would encourage others to raise their voices and express their opinions. Enough feedback can have an effect.

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