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muntdefems 25 Apr, 2013
This thread is meant to be a discussion spot for anything Wiki-related. If you disagree with any aspect (content- or format-wise) of the Wiki, this is the place to bring it out and see what other think about it.

------- Original Post -------

I'm by far the biggest contributor to the Crowdfunding part of the wiki. So much, in fact, that sometimes I nearly think it's MY wiki. But since it's everybody's, I've decided to create this thread to discuss everything related to it: content, format, etc. (I'm mainly doing it here rather than using the wiki's discussion pages because I guess it'll get more attention this way).

I've got many things I'd like to discuss, but for now I'll only bring out the ones I regard as the most important (or the ones that bother me the most :P):

1) Should we keep adding browser/HTML5/Flash-based games to the Wiki? As some pointed out on a recent discussion, they are not native Linux games.
On the other hand nowhere is anything written about the nativity of the games, so one could as well regard the wiki as a conpendium of crowdfunded games that can be played on a Linux box.
What do you think? Only native games or anything goes?

2) Today I've tried to embellish the tables a bit by making some columns center-aligned (e.g. the ones displaying dates or money quantities). I've failed miserably. :(
I'm no MediaWiki expert, but I thought a simple style="text-align: center" on the column definition line should suffice. I've tried this, but I couldn't get any column centered. What did I do wrong?

3) And finally, an issue that bugs me particularly. Somebody, some time ago, changed the alphabetical order criterium by ignoring the definite articles at the beginning of a game's name (e.g. right now, The Realm goes between Rally Shift Extreme and Revelation, rather than between The Essence Within and The Unbreakable Chain).
I don't share this opinion at all. I think definite articles (or articles in general, for that matter) are an integral part of game titles and as such they should be taken into account when ordering them alphabetically. Desura and Steam do it my way, at least. ^_^
So what's your opinion on this one? Articles yay or nay?
Liam Dawe 26 Apr, 2013
1) Any game that can be played in the browser or natively should be included I think. 

2) I can have a go if you are still having problems.

3) I personally think "The" is part of the title and should not be broken out, all titles with "The" should match up against all others. It bugs when me places do "Realm, The" for example and put it with R, it's part of the damned titled!
muntdefems 26 Apr, 2013
Yay! The Boss is on my side on issues #1 and #3! :P  Let's wait for more opinions before taking any action, though...

Quoting: liamdawe2) I can have a go if you are still having problems.

Yes, please. I've tried a bit more and I've discovered the parameter style="text-align: center" works when applied to the whole table, but it doesn't with single columns (even though [it apparently should work](

I've previewed a totally centered table and it looks pretty nice, except for the Game Title column, which looked a little odd to me.
Liam Dawe 30 Apr, 2013
A general wiki idea - I think we should list game engines for commercial games don't you? Like OpenMW, OpenXcom etc with links on where to legally get the games assets from as well.

Partly because I asked the OpenJK devs to list places to obtain the content on their readme and I seem to get a backlash about it...such a simple request when a project depends on something and they won't link to it, seems completely stupid to me so this is partly where my idea has come from.

This way people can look up a game on our wiki and see if they can play it natively on Linux?
muntdefems 30 Apr, 2013
Seems a good idea to me. :)

But first we should create a new wiki section to put this kind of info, shouldn't we?
Liam Dawe 1 May, 2013
Updated the wiki today :)
fedso 1 May, 2013
1) agree with the Boss :)

2) I'm not aware of a way to align a column, as far as I know alignment can only be set for table, row or cells. The best solution I can think of would be to set center alignment on the table and add align=left to each title.

3) I agree with considering the article as part of the title. Probably there is no right or wrong but I would make it consistent with Steam and Desura
muntdefems 2 May, 2013
Alright then, now we've got at least three opinions I'm going to:

a) Keep adding to the crowdfunding part of the wiki anything that can be played on a computer running Linux

b) Try fedso's suggestion about cell alignment

c) Reorder game titles including the article

I ask everyone to follow this rules/suggestions from now on. If anyone disagrees on anything, please make your point here and let's discuss it before starting an editing war on the wiki. Thanks. :)
Liam Dawe 2 May, 2013
It may be worth adding a link to this forum topic for discussion? I will be going over fedso's email soon about security.
muntdefems 2 May, 2013
Quoting: liamdaweIt may be worth adding a link to this forum topic for discussion?

Good idea! I'm adding the link right now.
Liam Dawe 18 May, 2013
FYI this page

Is only for open source games for previously 100% commercial titles or games that require commercial content but may have always had an open source engine.

It seems the text I put up isn't too clear as people added OpenRA (doesn't use any commercial content you have to buy, doesn't support original campaigns etc) and UFO2000 (online only and not supporting the actual original gameplay).

How should I make it clearer?

EDIT > I have now split it into two sections, hopefully it's a lot clearer :D
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