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Steam Awards 2018: Can't nominate Feral for Best Dev
gldnbrwncouches Nov 21, 2018
I'm all sorts of excited to nominate my favorite native Linux games for the 2018 Steam Awards. Feel free to post your picks here.

Besides game nominations, there's also a category for the "Best Developer" and I'd really like to nominate Feral Interactive, but they don't show up anywhere in the searchable options! It's probably dumb reason like only working on ports, not in-house games, but I don't think that should hold us back from nominating them. Cheers to you Feral for some great work this year!
stretch611 Nov 21, 2018
Send a support request to steam...

Personally, I nominated Klei... their games are the type that I prefer over the ones that Feral ports. But, I do agree, you should be able to vote for Feral.
stretch611 Nov 21, 2018
I just noticed this on the awards page.

QuoteI can't find who I want to nominate for Best Developer; what can I do?
The developer will need to set up their creator homepage through Steam to be eligible for nomination.

It appears that Feral does not have a creator homepage. When looking at a game, clicking on the developer name will bring up a store page for them to highlight their works... When clicking on Feral, it only brings up a search page. That is probably why you can not nominate them.
gldnbrwncouches Nov 21, 2018
Quoting: stretch611Send a support request to steam...
Already done, seems their developer page wasn't quite setup or something so that the search would detect it. Steam fixed it so that I could select them, but they still don't seem to register as a vote on my list. I'm sure they'll get it straightened out soon.

Quoting: stretch611Personally, I nominated Klei... their games are the type that I prefer over the ones that Feral ports. But, I do agree, you should be able to vote for Feral.
Klei is another good pick, but I haven't tried any of their newer stuff (anything after 2016).
Liam Dawe Nov 21, 2018
I imagine because Feral are not a game developer, they're a porting studio. The award is more for the developer of the actual game, Feral in this instance don't apply to it.
ageres Nov 22, 2018
I typed "feral" and Steam showed me Feral Interactive's curator page, so I could choose it.
Brisse Nov 22, 2018
gldnbrwncouches Nov 22, 2018
Well, after a restart of the Steam Client this morning, it finally let me select Feral too. Thanks to everyone who commented.
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