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which distro for I7 7700 and ATX 1050 TI
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wvstolzing 16 January 2019 at 10:16 pm UTC

DoctorJunglistThe activities overview is a real killer feature for me, and I'd seriously miss it if I were to switch to some other DE.

I also like the activities overview (a vestigial macOS-ism, I suppose... though nowadays macOS exposé is less useful than it used to be). However there's a widget in KDE that's an even better implementation than what's on GNOME (e.g., KDE has an option for per-application exposé; which is very useful).

I use a little independent program called 'skippy-xd' in XFCE; it's very fast, and serves me well. There's also a native 'dashboard' for XFCE, though last time I checked it looked like a hideous mess.

jens 19 January 2019 at 8:52 am UTC

Please stop the preaching @debianxfce, I'm sure nobody has missed here what your opinion is regarding how to use Linux and what kind of projects you like or not. Really no need to try that hard to convince other people to use Linux the way you do.
Please respect other peoples opinions, even if these differ from yours, and leave the freedom to everybody to use Linux their way.

dvd 19 January 2019 at 12:33 pm UTC

GuestActive applications you see in the task bar that hides automatically. Modern graphical desktops are mouse or touch driven. The keyboard is antique, invented in 1868

The mouse is a bug for most applications, i've been trying to get rid of it for years, but turns out it's hard after years of "indoctrination" into the windows ecosystem. The mouse is basically good only for some games and graphics applications, for everything else, the keyboard is superior if you've learned to use it.

DoctorJunglist 19 January 2019 at 3:50 pm UTC

I don't get it. How, how is it slow? I used GNOME on my old laptop as well, before it died (it wasn't as potato as it gets, but it was slow nonetheless), and it wasn't slow there either. Demonstrate me this slowness. Program boot times are unaffected by this, activities overview works as it should, the app menu as well (tho I don't use it much, most of my apps are in the dock, if I open one that's not on it, I just do it from activities overview).

I don't care about some benchmarks, stuff that can only by detected by 'lab testing', a difference of 2-3 fps in some game is of no concern to me. From a desktop usability perspective, in practice, the performance issues are not noticeable in any way. You'd have to be using GNOME on a king of potato kind of setup, to experience any performance issues related to the DE.

You mean the animations? Yeah, they're not as polished as they could be, but whatever - it's such a minor thing. That's the only thing that might be perceived of 'slow'.

Also majority = vocal majority. Do you have any stats on usage of all the DEs (on all the different distros, with all of it's users)? It's silly, when you state something as fact, when in fact, it's not.

You want some facts? Here's one - Ubuntu is the biggest, most popular distro, and it chose GNOME as it's default DE.

Another thing, it's REALLY funny, that this is coming from a guy who refuses to use systemd, and deems it unusable. Newsflash buddy, "there is a difference between stating facts that majority approved and that single person approved". You should use systemd then. I mean it's majority approved. What does that make you? You see the flaw in your logic yet? I mean, going by your logic, it's a fact that systemd it better (as it's majority-approved).

...and systemd really is majority approved, as it's the new standard used by 90% of distros.

Want another thing that's majority-approved? Windows. Does it mean Linux should try to be as similar to windows as possible? Does it mean that using Linux makes no sense?

Everyone likes different things. To me, other DEs are only somewhat usable. On every one of them I'd be missing the GNOME 'workflow'. Can't you get that not everyone is infatuated with Win XP/7/10 paradigm of usage? Not everyone is dead-set on maintaining the usage of the same paradigm for his whole life, and welcomes one that tries to introduce something new. I'm over traditional panel a'la XP that's by default in eg XFCE / KDE. I prefer for it to be like . In practice, I switch by the activities overview most often tho. I'm over using desktop icons, I don't need them. I don't use wine on its own, I use it through Lutris for a few games, SteamPlay takes care of most of my Wine gaming now anyways tho.

To me, not using systemd doesn't make any sense. Also systemd is 'majority-approved'. Should this invalidate your opinion on systemd in some way? You do you, that's the beauty of Linux, you can make your system your own.

Quotefor me gnome felt nice when i first installed fedora 28, however i realised there is problem with managing folders, if i install 50 applications there all are displayed after i go on top right with mouse cursor.
Ehm, you mean the dock in the activities overview when you when you move mouse to the left corner? You mean running applications? The dock displays as many applications as you add to it (they aren't added there automatically after getting installed) + any running applications. Do you run 50 applications at once?

Also, from what you're saying, it seems you were running vanilla GNOME (Fedora doesn't come with any extensions then ootb I guess). On most distros (eg Solus, Antergos, Ubuntu, Manjaro as well I think) it comes ootb with the dash to dock extension. It's pretty much essential.

DoctorJunglist 19 January 2019 at 9:35 pm UTC

Quotei can't see any point over arguing what desktop environment is better
...and yet you enjoy coming in here to criticise GNOME, with an attitude saying that people who like it are wrong. Do you even read, and understand what you write? Just look at your posts. I really don't want to go about making a 'million' quotes from your posts.

You still can't seem to get, that everyone's experience is different.

You say it's full of bugs, and I call bullshit. I mean, if it's full of bugs, then every DE is full of bugs. I've never encountered any serious bugs. I've never had performance problems with it either.

Even the XFCE you like has bugs. I've seen some DXVK bug reports from users using XFCE, where it was some XFCE issue that broke the game (I can't remember what game was it). As I said, there are no bug-free DEs. So why bother even mentioning bugs if that's the case?

Don't you think if GNOME was so full of bugs (as in, had more than the norm), I'd notice a lot of them? My desktop experience is definitely not full of bugs.

It's you, who's spewing garbage about it, not me. What I've noticed, is a trend, that folks that don't like GNOME, go on about shitting on it, instead of just saying something positive about the DE they like. Ffs, I don't go about my day shitting on KDE, because sth didn't work for me. I don't say XFCE is shit, because I saw 1 dude with a game that didn't work. etc etc

You want another example of sth that didn't work for me? Arch Linux (well, I used Antergos, but it uses Arch repos). It broke for me every couple of months (~ every 3 months), and me being a linux noob (I'll probably be one forever), I couldn't maintain it properly. Arch was shit in my experience. Does it mean Arch is shit? No. Arch requires a very special kind of [power] user, and I'm not much of a power user.

As to systemd - I just used it as an example to point the flaw in your logic. I use systemd cos it's the default, and it works. Now that you mention the google DNS, I don't like it, but it's not enough to switch to another init (it'd be a lot of effort, and all just to break my system, cos I'm 99% sure I'd break it).

btw I just checked out your specs - I guess on a PC like that I'd abstain from GNOME as well (you don't have dGPU?), but you don't get that for me, and many others it works just great. I'm not saying I'd throw GNOME at every config, but that it works just fine on a relatively modern config.

Schattenspiegel 20 January 2019 at 6:25 am UTC

Someone asks for advise for his first steps into the Linux world.
...Half a page later: full on, wall of text, distro wars...
Way to go folks, way to go!

wvstolzing 20 January 2019 at 6:48 am UTC

SchattenspiegelSomeone asks for advise for his first steps into the Linux world.
...Half a page later: full on, wall of text, distro wars...
Way to go folks, way to go!

Haha! Nice try, Herr Schattenspiegel -- or should I say ... Lennart Poettering?

You'll never make me use pulseaudio! harharhar

Schattenspiegel 20 January 2019 at 8:17 am UTC

wvstolzingHaha! Nice try, Herr Schattenspiegel -- or should I say ... Lennart Poettering?

You'll never make me use pulseaudio! harharhar
Nonsense! Just you wait for the integration into systemd. It's planned shortly after the assimilation of the kernel.

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