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[DONE] Move Delete PM button to top
Salvatos 23 Apr, 2019

Could we move (or duplicate) the Delete Message button to the top of the PM page instead of under the reply box? Seems more natural to me and would save a bit of time and scrolling down.

Maybe add the ability to select and delete multiple messages at once too in the future.

Liam Dawe 23 Apr, 2019

Sure, I can do that :)

Liam Dawe 26 Apr, 2019

This is now done, the top message in a PM thread now has a delete button like seen on comments and forum posts so it matches and is easier to find.

The delete button at the bottom is also still there :)

Salvatos 26 Apr, 2019

Looks good, thank you! (Can't test it though :) )

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