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If you are stuck with no faudio in Debian build it yourself or use OBS repo (for Ubuntu too).
Shmerl 24 Apr, 2019

There is a known issue of Debian WineHQ build post 4.2 requiring libfaudio0 packages. The problem is that Debian is in the freeze period now, and while faudio was finally uploaded to unstable, maintainers didn't have time to fix issues in it, since they are mainly focused on the Debian release.

Not only faudio there is older 19.02 version:
but there were also bugs in the package spec, which prevented it from building for 32-bit, which basically blocks 32-bit Wine upgrade path.

You can work around it, by simply re-building the package yourself (and making sure cmake is included in build dependencies), in the process bumping faudio to 19.04 and building 32-bit version as well. After that, you can easily upgrade Wine to 4.6. If anyone wants details on how to do it, feel free to post here.

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