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Sell 1080Ti Amp Extreme?
wolfyrion 13 Nov, 2019

So I have the chance to sell my 1080Ti but the thing is that I Will be left without a graphic card for a long time

Actually I have these choices :

1. Sell and Get a 2080Ti

2. Dont sell

3. Wait until 3080Ti better and cheaper , estimated June 2020 -
Thinking to get a cheap ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1660 around 200 Euro just to be able to play some games until 3080Ti

I know if I dont sell it now I may not be able to sell it later on.

Last edited by wolfyrion on 13 November 2019 at 6:31 pm UTC

g000h 14 Nov, 2019

If you sell it, are you happy with the price you'd achieve?

I note that the 2080ti isn't that much better than the 1080ti, sure it can handle ray-tracing but is anyone going to enable that in the handful of supported titles, seeing as it does a great job of reducing frame-rate.

So, you could stick with the 1080ti for as long as you can, and then upgrade 3+ years from now, when you really will notice a difference. You might even jump to AMD at that point (assuming the drivers are better).

Ehvis 14 Nov, 2019

I suppose it depends on what monitor you're using. The 2080Ti can achieve about 50% more performance than a 1080Ti, but only if the game is actually capable of requesting that much from the GPU. Practically than means more than 1080p resolution. Like 3440x1440 or 4k. The only thing I've seen that where it can make a difference on 1080p is the Superposition benchmark.

Edit: one note. You do need to have the CPU to back it up, otherwise you're still likely to run into CPU bound scenarios.

Last edited by Ehvis on 14 November 2019 at 11:34 pm UTC

barotto 15 Nov, 2019

For anything less than 4K the 2080ti is so powerfull that it really needs a 9900K@5GHz to be fully used, but only assuming you have a 144Hz monitor, otherwise you won't see any difference anyway.
Your Threadripper will definitely not be enough and you would only throw your money away.
But if you want to experiment with ray tracing then sure, go for it.

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