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Doom alt-tabing broken?
PopeRigby 16 Nov, 2019

I'm playing Doom (2016) on ArchLinux with KDE Plasma. Whenever I alt-tab out of the game, and then alt-tab back in, the whole screen is black and you can see a little bit of the previous window up in the corner. Force closing Doom fixes it (it doesn't crash my entire system), but then I have to boot Doom up again. Anyone else have this issue?

Xpander 16 Nov, 2019

WM issue probably. Haven't encountered such problems with this game. What happens if you alt+enter after alt+tab? does it bring the window up again? i remember way way back that was a fix for some unity (yeah i know doom isnt unity game but worth a try) games in wine.

PopeRigby 16 Nov, 2019

Nope, Alt-Enter doesn't seem to help.

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