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Arx Fatalis free
sr_ls_boy 29 May

Bethesda is giving away copies on their site.
I think you have to have an account there.

Myrhan 29 May

It's worth noting that this game can be played natively with Arx Libertatis, which has improvements. The free copy will require running the Bethesda launcher, which isn't for Linux though. The instructions can be seen here, and is available until May 31 at 10am EST.

Shmerl 31 May

GOG has DRM-free version too just for the reference, and it's pretty cheap now.

Last edited by Shmerl on 31 May 2020 at 9:42 pm UTC

mos 8 Jun

Libertaris is a fine port indeed as I'm finding out..

but maybe someone can shed the light on:

Is it possible to AIM with MOUSE LOOK when about to release a spell?
in other words, I've correctly "drawn", say, a Magic Missile and I'm still holding the MAGIC key - but I can only aim with turn left/right up/down keys or screen edge turning???
given the disadvantage of having to draw the runes in the heat of the battle, it makes the usage of non-precast aim spells almost prohibitively cumbersome

mos 8 Jun

No it's not...

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