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Nvidia vs AMD GPUs
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Xpander 10 Aug, 2020
Quoting: The_Aquabat
Quoting: Avehicle7887. The kernel driver module needs to be recompiled with every kernel update
ah yes that's one of the reasons I stopped using nvidia if you like booting into different kernels, maybe manually compiled out of repos kernel, you have to run the Nvidia installer in each kernel... too much trouble. Now I'm testing multiple kernels to see how BMQ and Muqss scheduler performs if I had nvidia it would be double work.

the what?... i run multiple kernels with nvidia, nvidia-dkms takes care of building the modules for every kernel, i dont need to do anything special myself. but its true that sometimes rc kernels don't work with nvidia, specially if you are using their stable drivers.
The_Aquabat 10 Aug, 2020
I remember it was not that simple if you want to change the version of Xorg, for example an older version or a git version, you have to download a specific driver to match xorg ABI. There's reasons for doing this like upgrading/downgrading ubuntu version. Or maybe there's a bug in Xorg and you want to use different version than the default. What's undeniable is that nvidia driver hard links and deletes lots of xorg/mesa stuff, specially if you are running the dot run archive, there's multiples ways you could end up with a broken OpenGL or Vulkan driver and it can be a real mess. I'm not saying that it can't not happen with amdgpu driver, just it is much more rare, because amdgpu does stuff the right way . Just saying, if you don't like to experiment with git stuff or development stuff like proton git, wine git, mesa git, xorg git, etc. Then's this is not a problem. probably is the case here.

Besides I can run a newly released kernel with amdgpu or any kernel. Can you do that with Nvidia? Can you run 5.8 kernel for example from day one? just asking, when I was an nvidia user you had to wait some days maybe a week or so.

Last edited by The_Aquabat on 10 August 2020 at 3:41 pm UTC
Shmerl 10 Aug, 2020
Nvidia dkms clearly has limits on what kernels it supports, that's not even a question. It's not uncommon for it not to support newest kernels until Nvidia pushes an update. That's the nature of dkms. The kernel doesn't guarantee any stable ABI. Same applies to any dkms usage, not just for Nvidia.

Last edited by Shmerl on 10 August 2020 at 3:40 pm UTC
stan 10 Aug, 2020
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But in general you have no reason to use the latest kernels when you’re using nvidia *because* the driver is not in the kernel :).
mrdeathjr 10 Aug, 2020
Quoting: stanBut in general you have no reason to use the latest kernels when you’re using nvidia *because* the driver is not in the kernel :).

Yeah personally use stable kernel and driver works ok as youre said with nvidia propietary driver

Shmerl 10 Aug, 2020
Quoting: stanBut in general you have no reason to use the latest kernels when you’re using nvidia *because* the driver is not in the kernel :).

Whatever the reason to use newest kernel can be completely unrelated to Nvidia. It's not all about the GPU.

Last edited by Shmerl on 10 August 2020 at 9:12 pm UTC
Nasra 10 Aug, 2020
The 5.8 kernel resolves energy issues with AMD Zen processors, add some new hardware support...

I have passed from Nvidia to AMD recently and in my own experience, i think there are some little issues with Mesa drivers, but this can be resolved with some tricks. If i had issues with propietary nvidia drivers it is more difficult to resolve.

AMD open-source drivers are very good. But the main issue is hardware accelerated renders in some applications like DaVinciResolve. Nvidia is better at this point. And OpenCL implementation is outdated (1.2 despite the last and speedy 2.0).
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