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M2k (logical), Reskue remake, colony
Aleksej 11 Aug

Hello im author Linux version games M2K (my original puzzle), Reskue remake, Colony remake (not yet done).
Im targeting on Linux as main platform. android just placed as is. For best play practice play on PC.
2 years of single developing.

Cover of game Reskue

Game written with my M2K 2D engine for Linux, Android, Windows under GPL, code is open source. Most of music from scene-org.
M2K engine based on Lua language + love framework.
Game can read direct maps written in hobeta $C format ZX-Spectrum Rescue map editor and use it.
New version of course have map editor support joystick and have save ability. Players can create maps and exchange its if they want.
I not planning ANY monetizing game, any ads/promo/lootbox or etc signs of badware.

Im can only hope allowing bring new life to the game Rescue.
I love spectrum games. At this moment im working with my friend on animation and im still developing M2K engine code

Rescue and Colony is old game created by Mastertronic in 1985 year for Zx-spectrum platform.

We have a party for playing old Rescue game for a time with friends. Who is faster save all scientists for time. My best result 8min on original map. I try found my scores i write it on a paper ) include writing map number of course.
I write map editor, and i and my friend creates new 9 maps for game. (it's not first my map editor. for ZX i create Heroquest editor)

Game have 3 languages - English, Polish, Russian. TRAILER Reskue (unfortunatly only Russian)
Games free for all platforms here.
If you want to support developing follow me on Patreon or help with something)

Changelog of last version game
Reskue 422 build
+ PC Game can read maps direct from Zx Hobeta Rescue+ format. (need just title it LEVEL1.$C or 2,3 etc.. and use external level load editor "E" key)
Any map created with Zx-spectrum editor will work with Reskue remake
+ Adds new graphical effects - Glow, Godrays, Vignette.
+ All bonuses can be destroyed
+ Android version displays special keys for Resurrect or Next level when it really need.
+ Blocked saving when you not started game
+ Bomb damage increased to 250.
+ All ammo even from enemies can correctly rikochets from short distances.
+ Adds new enemy who not use ammo but suddenly place mines for you. Mine always destroys your tank if you found it.
+ Help with controls added to main meny always displayed when you not use joystick. If you connect joystick
game displays help for PS3-xbox360 joystick.
+ Added disable left or right stick if joystick damaged.
+ Code improvements; Editor_settings and ini files (cmsg, objects).
New maps created by you remember version of game used for build.
+ Cursed tank - If you be near flashing tank your damage has been lowered.
+ Settings in menu can be scrolled now.
+ Healing pistol adds 100 HP for you, but you are harmless.
+ Map Fixes: Additional levels removed incorrect enemy spawn point created by autoimporter.
+ Map fixes: Fix Map #1 error with Control center delivery (All items delivers but used invalid coordinates)

Of course for anyone who love digging source codes is here

P.S. Sorry, I cannot do english video. Only can write and read. If somebody can sounds comments and
tell something about it be super.
Unfortunately i still have problems animations. I don't have an artist and use old sprites, or free images .
From time to time i hire some artists and animators.

PS ** Unfortunately in Russia i cannot use sites like kickstarter .There is unpopular resource.

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