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Gooda Mar 20, 2021
Quoting: GuestFinally completed Life Is Strange Before the Storm. Such a disappointment after the first game.

I loved the original game but didn't get around to playing the prequel.

I love the setting, the characters and the atmosphere so much I'm willing to look beyond some bad dialogue as long as I get to walk around Arcadia Bay again.

True Colors looks promising. Also, I'm psyched about Life is Strange Remastered.
denyasis Mar 20, 2021
And finished Shank. It's short, but pretty fun. Guess I'll try Shank 2.
Dennis_Payne Mar 21, 2021
Recently finished Pale Echoes. It allows you to enable developer commentary. The developer appears as an additional NPC on various screens. You can talk to him to get the developer's commentary. I really like the feature. It would be hard to implement in some games but it is an interesting addition.
whizse Mar 25, 2021
Quoting: GuestAlready remastering it?
Life is Strange is six years old. It took 21 years before Gabriel Knight needed a remaster. I guess games age faster these days?
Gooda Mar 26, 2021
Quoting: GuestAlready remastering it?
Quoting: whizseI guess games age faster these days?
They're just sprucing up the visuals and facial animations a bit.

The game still looks beautiful to me. I don't think it necessarily needs a remaster, but I don't mind.
damarrin Mar 26, 2021
I guess it’s relatively little work to get a “new” release out, create some buzz and get new sales. Not a bad idea by any stretch, the game is great and probably hasn’t sold very well, so the more people play it the better.
damarrin Jul 20, 2021
Alwa's Awakening

A fantastic game, start to finish. It starts off easy enough, gets really tough later on. Graphics and music are spot on. Don't get put off by the silly intro (looks good enough, the description is nonsensical), it goes from strength to strength afterwards.

Quite lengthy, too. I needed over 26 hours to 100% it, with 750+ deaths (the game helpfully keeps count for you).

Highly recommended.

Gooda Jan 12, 2022
I have recently finished Iconoclasts.

I had such high hopes for this game. I was in a mood for a quality platformer, heard so many great things about it, read excellent reviews - but ended up disappointed.

I have the utmost respect for the developer. It's a fantastic solo effort. The visuals and the character animations are great. But I have issues with some of the most praised aspects of the game, which surprised me.

I didn't enjoy combat. It's all about the boss battles, which are frantic affairs where it's hard to figure out what to do, even when the opponent's intentions are telegraphed. There's simply way too much stuff happening on the screen.

Fighting ordinary enemies is supposed to prepare us for boss fights, but it does a poor job at that. The basic movement and fighting mechanics are not properly introduced nor explained. That causes a lot of difficulties and head-scratching later on.

The puzzles are a mixed bag as well. Some are satisfying, but some don't rely on you being clever - they expect you to come back after 10 hours when you unlock the necessary skill. I guess that's normal for a metroidvania, but I didn't get that memo.

In the end, I don't think the story is really interesting or well told. I found the writing rather poor, and the characters are all unlikeable (and some of them utterly annoying). That was probably the most disappointing thing.
stud68 Jan 12, 2022
Just redid Wolfenstein Old Blood + New Order and Wolfenstein 2.
All back to back.
Just had an urge to kill Nazi's!
My opinion the New Order is defo my favourite.
denyasis Jan 12, 2022
Just finished Factorio. First I played it since it's release. It was really fun. After you "win", you can keep going and keep building your base. It was fun, although before I stopped I realized it felt like it was becoming more of a chore to keep everything running instead of being creative and building.

Would absolutely recommend.

Also played Remnants of the Precursors this weekend. It's Master of Orion 1, but updated. It plays great and looks great too.

Would also recommend.
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