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Gaming on Linux for Kids
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HerrLange Dec 27, 2020
Hi, just wanted to start a discussion regarding Gaming on Linux for Kids.
I know there are the KDE and Gnome games collections but I want to discuss or find regarding high quality games that are a bit more advanced.

Maybe some background from my side:
Mi son currently is 6 and my daughter is 8. Each of them has a 2 hours gaming budget per week (must be split at least across 2 days). Now in the bad weather and holiday season I allow them about 90 Minutes (45 mins each) every second day. They have access to a Switch and a Linux Desktop.

On the switch they play Singstar and Mario Kart 8.

Gaming on Linux wise they like to play:
- Minecraft (seems to be a big topic with their friends) - they play it on Linux because this games imho sucks on consoles.
- Super Tux Kart
- Extreme Tux Racer
- Bridge Builder
- Breakout

I also tried games like:
- Human Resource Machine
- Pingus

But they seems to be too hard and they are frustrated quickly.

I just looked at GOG and totally missed out a family section there. Regarding Steam I do not want to have them own steam accounts yet.

Do you have Kids? Do you game on Linux with them? Do you have some tips for great games for Kids running on Linux?

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Liam Dawe Dec 27, 2020
Well if you're sticking to GOG there's:

Stardew Valley
Slime Rancher (wonderful game!)
Wizard of Legend
Streets of Rage 4 (possibly, i played the originals when i was pretty young...)

Should get you going :)
CatKiller Dec 27, 2020
Quoting: HerrLangeRegarding Steam I do not want to have them own steam accounts yet.

You can give them selected access to your own account.

My little one has really enjoyed

Contraption Maker
Poly Bridge 2
The Talos Principle
World of Goo
No Man's Sky
whizse Dec 27, 2020
A lot of the titles from Humongous Entertainment are supported by ScummVM, but I think most of them are targeted at younger kids?

Emulators like Dolphin (Wii and Gamecube) might be another option, but I'm not sure how easy it is to dump/rip games from discs these days?

Last edited by whizse on 27 December 2020 at 4:47 pm UTC
TobyGornow Dec 27, 2020
Since your avatar looks like Bud Spencer, the linux native game Slap & Beans looks like a good match.

I didn't try it myself but it looks like a fun beat em all that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Edit : On the the switch, with my nieces and nephew, we had a blast with Mario Party and Smash Bros Ultimate.

I cannot recommend enough the wonderful Zelda breath of the wild, maybe my game of the decade all platforms taken together.

Last edited by TobyGornow on 27 December 2020 at 5:14 pm UTC
denyasis Dec 27, 2020
Mine are the same age range
I second slime rancher, super tux cart, contraption maker, and poly bridge on the list.

Of course, a lot will depend on the reading level of you youngest in particular.

We got a switch (my first console) along with Pokemon: Let's go, and my youngest struggles with some of the text. It's fun and easy.

Untitled Goose Game is smooth switch game, and I believe it runs fine in wine/proton

Regarding Steam. I use own steam account and will launch some of the games via it. Sadly, Steam will FREAK OUT of you try to launch two different games on two different devices.

In order to get permission from Valve to play your games, you have to switch to "offline" mode. It's easy, but annoying.

I've never looked into giving a small child an online account. Ok it's face, that seems like a bad idea at best.

Edit: just thought of this, though not strictly Linux, there are a lot of older dos games that may run well. I guess it will depend a on your kids tolerance of older looking games.
I remember the old broderbound games being fun (and educational). Treasure Mountain, Outnumbered, and Gizmos and Gadgets were favorites of mine... A long time ago.

Summer if the old Lucasarts games are great too and I think some are on GOG, day off the tentacle, grim Fandango, etc.

I think I got my first FPS, (Dark Forces), flight sim (x wing) and RTS (command and conquer or war craft) around 8 or 9. It might be worth letting your oldest browse GOG with you and pick out something that they like. That way they are more interested/invested if there is a learning curve.

Last edited by denyasis on 27 December 2020 at 7:23 pm UTC
cruc2019 Dec 29, 2020
Hey HerrLange, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I think the games from Amanita Design are perfect for these ages. I played Machinarium and Botanicula with my 10-year old niece and she loved them. There are both on GOG with native versions. Hope that helps. Be safe!
x_wing Dec 29, 2020
I would recommend some of our childhood games too:

Sega Megadrive and Genesis Classics
Super Indie Karts
Just Dance 2017 (you will need proton, but kids really like this game and it also makes them play by moving, a win-win IMO)
Kopanito All-Star Soccer -- Similar to the GOAL 3 of the famicom/nes
whizse Dec 29, 2020
Another suggestion is music games like Frets On Fire. (There might be better forks out there, haven't followed development.
dvd Dec 29, 2020
On the switch there is super mario maker 2, if they are into platformers at all. The levels are community generated, so the difficulty of them are all over the place, but the game let's you choose the difficulty level you want to play on, and the difficulty is pretty consistent on the lower difficulties.
Similar older game on linux is Super Meat Boy. Or the Portal series on the 3d side.
whizse Dec 29, 2020
Neverball and Neverputt.
Frozen Bubble

All FLOSS games most likely already in your distro. (Handy if the kids suddenly sprouts beards and start lecturing you about software freedom).
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