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alot of stutter from Dirt 5 and Steam Proton
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Samantha 25 Oct
Quoting: The_AquabatYou don't need to follow boiling steam guide anymore. It works OOTB with proton experimental. Also I use kisak ppa, that might help too.

But if you are running it on Arch based distros, which normally have more updated drivers, then I don't know what is your problem. As I said for me it runs fine with no tweaks needed with proton experimental. Maybe it's a regression in the Amdgpu driver but only affecting RDNA2 GPUS, could be that once I hit a performance bug on Desperados III that only happened on RDNA1 Gpus.
Maybe trying installing amdvlk driver is worth a shot. (it's an alternative driver to the default one for amd Gpus)
here you can download a deb package...

simply install with dpkg -i file.deb

then you have to add this to the launch options of the game

 VK_ICD_FILENAMES="/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/amd_icd64.json" %command%
installing MANGOHUD could help too since that way it tells you what driver you are running, amdvlk or radv.

if it is really a bug on RDNA2 driver then you might want to report it, since the steam deck runs on RDNA2, I think that valve devs will look into this with a lot of interest.

(Also your card is a little faster than mine so it's not a problem with the hardware.)

its a really weird issue sometimes when i run obs stutter is gone, garuda sometimes has less stutter sometimes more, i disabled my cpu overclock and thats not it, i have a 1080 gpu sitting around i took out of this pc i havent sold yet, i just dont want to switch out gpus its a pain, i hide my pc in a corner thats not easy to reach lol takes two people to get the pc out :)

anyway tommorow ill be able to run some more tests the 24 hour ban will be done and ill try what you suggest, ill do some googling about rdna2 linux and dirt 5 maybe theres some info out there.
Samantha 26 Oct
well i figured it out, aparently its vsync lol something so simple, i guess i was bein g stupid but not disabling that in the beginning, i turned down all the graphics to the lowest setting but never turned off vsync, so its running smoothly no stutter at all anymore.
Koopacabras 26 Oct
glad you fixed it!! enjoy

also can you check if online works for you? because for me it doesn't afaik it's also a problem that windows users have quite often too.
Samantha 27 Oct
Quoting: The_Aquabatglad you fixed it!! enjoy

also can you check if online works for you? because for me it doesn't afaik it's also a problem that windows users have quite often too.

I checked online and i get a connection error, yea i did quick google aparently xbox and playstation are both getting the issue as well, seems weird

Edit: i so need a new search engine i hate google but it searches so so well

Last edited by Samantha on 27 October 2021 at 6:59 am UTC
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