Total War Warhammer 2 segmentation fault - sigsegv(11)
devland May 27, 2022
Hello, everyone. :)

I've been getting the "game crashed with signal sigsegv(11): segmentation fault" error in Total War Warhammer 2 for a very long time but it has increased in frequency since the last patch in January to the point where campaign battles are unplayable. The game crashes predictably, save games become corrupted and crash with the same error when loading them.

I'm running an all AMD rig. Ryzen 1700, RX 580 and 15 GB of ram. I also have an SSD and an HDD.

Online searches for "Total War Warhammer 2 segmentation fault" yield numerous other reports of the same problem but no solution. Has anyone managed to fix this or go around it in some other way?
I've seen people saying that the game works well through Proton but I really don't want to do that because what's the point of Feral Games ports then?

Thanks for your time.

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Zlopez May 27, 2022
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I would recommend playing with Proton and see if there is any difference. And maybe test your RAM, SSD and HDD to be sure that there isn't something funny going on.
devland May 28, 2022
I think I found the problem. I'm running Manjaro with KDE. The game was crashing after every battle with my latest campaign save until I thought to disable the compositor. This is a trick that usually increases performance especially in wine games. With the compositor turned off I managed to get through that battle and all the others that followed.
devland Jun 19, 2022
Crashes still happen even with the compositor turned off, albeit less often. It seems the game has identical crashes on Windows as well as most streamers know about them and usually auto resolve the crashy battles in order to continue the campaign.
devland Jan 15, 2023
Found a new potential fix:
I've been running the game with no more segfault crashes for over a week.
ninjarlz Mar 5, 2023
Can you confirm that this fix works? I've tested that on my Steam Deck in WH3 (same issue as in the case of WH2 port) and my save is still corrupted, the crash happens always when one turn passes and I am trying to click the next turn button.

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devland Mar 5, 2023
The crash still happens even with the .so suggested fix.
I'm now trying to limit the cpu that the game uses by running
sudo cpulimit -e TotalWarhammer2 --limit 1200
after the game has started.
Note that the "1200" value is the equivalent of 75% max cpu usage since I have 16 cores and the max value for me is 1600. Check what the max value is for you by running "cpulimit --help".

For me the crash never happened on end turn. Only on the loading screen after battles or sometimes during a battle. But always when the cpu was in high usage so that's why I'm now trying the cpulimit thing.

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ninjarlz Mar 6, 2023
Okay, I think we all have to assume that Feral's ports are crappy and unplayable and switch to Proton. Unfortunately, the native version runs a lot better on Steam Deck due to WH3's high VRAM demand.
devland Oct 25, 2023
Yep. Crash still happens.
I gave up on trying to fix it.

The worst part is that it affects Total War Warhammer III as well. The problem can be traced back to Feral Total War Linux ports from 10 years ago.
Such a shame...
LungDrago Oct 27, 2023
I just want to reiterate the facts for anyone who finds himself here. Don't bother with Warhammer 2 or 3 Total War Linux versions by Feral. It is unstable and it will corrupt your saves. Switch to the Proton version. I've been running that for years with no problems and if even if I do crash, my saves are fine.
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